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    Underway Ships Colors – Chapter 3

    Main Engine Room #1…..

    “Hey everyone listen up I am Master Chief Petty Officer McCutheon better known as the “Cheng” the Chief Engineering Officer here onboard. This is your department head LTJG Sowder who will be assisting with day to day activities. In approximately an hour from now we are set to sail the friendly seas. I hope everyone took care of all their personal affairs as I don’t want any surprises while were underway get my drift.”

    “Yes chief, “they all answered in unison.

    “Good now when they muster the sea and anchor detail make sure you arrive at your appointed stations on time, “she says placing emphasis on the word time, “Especially you Spitznazel.”

    “Me! Chief I’m always on time!”

    “You weren’t today, in fact I had to send EN1 Adams (Engineman) off the ship to your home and bring your ass here what were you trying to do any way go UA (unauthorized absence)?”

    “No….no, I was trying to get some clarification that’s all.”

    “Clarification on what?”

    “Uh nothing, “she says trying to brush of the subject.

    “She was trying to get clarification from this chick she’s been seeing to see whether they’re together or not.”

    “Adams, you said you wouldn’t say anything!?”

    “Hey, its chief look if you’re looking for advice on women who better to talk to than her I mean her mouth has been on so many vaginas it should be aired on the next episode of dirty jobs!”

    “That’s a rumor damn it, “she says defensively. Before continuing EN1 Braig caught her attention, the beautiful blonde playfully licked her lips while smiling at her.

    “Damn chief you got like that!?”

    “No….no I don’t have nothing!”

    “Okay, so chief how do I know if this chick is really into me or not?”

    “How long have you been seeing each other?”

    “Not long, it’s only been 2 months.”

    “2 months and you still don’t know whether she’s a now or later or deadliest catch?”

    “No, I don’t know help me out please? I mean one minute she wants to hang out and then days will go by and I won’t hear from her—–I just want to know if she’s into me that’s all.”

    “Okay, listen up this advice is just not for Spitznazel but for all of you on how to tell if a chick is really into you: Number 1.) She gives you eye contact – Number 2.) She twirls her hair – Number 3.) She laughs at your jokes – Number 4.) She stalks you – Number 5.) She keys your car and – Number 6.) She kills you.”

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      • You put a smile on my face! Thank you!

        I really love the funny interaction, it is so crazy.

        And Dana, she stole my heart, i think she will be my favourite character, besides Bette and Tina ofcourse.

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