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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 6 – LOUISE’S PLAN, BETTE’S PLAN AND A MOLE IN THE BAG.

    Melvin was defeated; Louise won’t change her mind, she will keep going until the end and he was already hurt letting her friend walking to a place of non-return.

    Melvin: ”I’m sorry, Louise…, I didn’t mean what I said…, I just…, don’t want you to go and leave us forever, and you know that is a great possibility”

    Louise: ”I know, Melvin, but I have a card under my sleeve…, I still have things to do before I’m certain for telling you my final words…”

    Melvin: ”who knows about this?”

    Louise: ”besides you, Sharon, Kit, Angus, Dr. Wilson, Tina, Bette, Willow, and, I also talked, to Giles, he will be very discrete, but I allowed him to comment something to Buffy, but just her, no one else…, I know there is a rumor among the students about some plan to defeat the First, but they don’t know what is on it and when it will be done”

    Melvin: ”that’s good, we must prevent any leak, the servants of the First Evil are among humans, and if they catch something, we can lose before starting…, I will do something by myself also…, when will we talk again?”

    Louise: ”how about tomorrow, before lunch”

    Melvin had a spiritism session with her mother that night, and the lady told him that they would do everything to make Louise come back safe to her family; the people of the World of the Dead have been under siege for few years and are using all their power to keep their portal closed to the evil, but the universe of the alive is most important than anything and their messenger, in this case, Louise must be protected at all cost, so they, in the World of the Dead are ready to distract the First Evil, and its evil aliens, by letting them cross their portal, so Louise could go back to her place; but even with that distraction there is no warranty for Louise to survive the trip.


    Kit entered the house in that moment waking her father from his thoughts, she was scared, she had talked to Angus and the professor told her what he has to do, he has been in the lab for the last four hours working, or rather, following Willow work.


    1. I loved the update! The pictures are beautiful!

      Thank god Louise came back to Bette &Tina. And wow, they are,married, so cool, i really loved their talk about their feelings and how they are connected at all possible ways. I hope they will be able to stay strong after the war ends. Your mentioned more then once about Bette being lost after the war.
      I am looking forward to the next update!

      Thank you!

      • Hi Bibi:

        I’m very glad you liked the chapter, I needed to explain a little bit more about the astral trip of Louise, and how Bette and Tina grew up emotionally with all the difficulties and stress of the war, and how they start caring more and more for the other than for themselves, and of course what usually happens in wars, people start looking for consolidate their commitments and put their things in order. Besides, I need Bette and Tina and some other couples very unified for what could happen in the future. Next chapter will be the last one and the next story in this series of three will start at the end of the year because I have already another story to share and post here pretty soon. Thanks so much again Bibi, for reading and commenting.


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