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    Chapter 18


    A day later


    Western Skies stable, morning: Jim is saddling Minnie for Tina.

    Jim – Are you going to look for scenes, Miss Tina?

    Tina – No, Jim … not this time.

    Jim – Should I worry if you don’t return?

    She chuckles embarrassed.

    Tina – I’m just going to stop by the cabin. Bette has something to show me. I’ll be back soon!

    And why is she giving explanations to Jim?! As if she is trying to convince herself that she is not excited about seeing the cowgirl again. As if she didn’t have trouble concentrating all day long the day before. As if she didn’t have trouble sleeping the night before and didn’t have to go down to the hotel gym at midnight.

    Jim – She’s ready!

    As if she is not going there to find out about that kiss … that angry kiss.

    Jim – Miss Tina?

    Tina – Huh …?

    Jim – Minnie is ready!

    She chuckles.

    Tina – Thanks, Jim!

    She leaves the stable pulling Minnie by the rein. It was an angry kiss for sure. The kind of angry kiss that leaves you awake at night no matter how much you run on the treadmill. She mounts the mare.

    Tina – Did she feel the same, Minnie?

    She sighs with wonder … and excitement. Her heels lightly touch Minnie’s belly and they canter away toward the cabin.


    Bette’s Cabin, morning: Tina and Minnie arrive at the cabin, where a red pickup truck is parked at the front. She frowns and dismounts. She ties Minnie to a tree.

    Tina – I don’t think you can have fun today, Minnie.

    She makes her way to the door and is about to knock when the it opens. Joanna is wearing a spring dress, holding a spatula on one hand and a cup of coffee on the other. The blonde looks shocked.

    Joanna – Howdy …

    Tina – Morning.

    The blonde takes a peek into the cabin behind Joanna.

    Tina – Is Bette there?

    Joanna – She is sleeping.

    The producer nods displeased.

    Joanna – Aren’t you the actress?

    Tina – Writer … and movie producer.

    Joanna – Ahh …

    She takes a sip of her coffee.

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    1. So, Bette kissed Tina and then sleeped with Joanna? If not, how Joanna was in her cabin? Did Bette give all her fucking buddies keys from her cabin? So i think she’s sleeping with her. And in that case maybe for Tina better stay away from her – this Bette just a player

      I’ll see where you go in this story

      • Hi, Zhenya,
        I think Joanna went to Bette’s cabin univited hoping to reconnect with her, but it didn’t happen. Apparently she also gave up, recognising that Bette has found love and kissed her goodbye. That’s how I see it, at least 😅

    2. Thank you for this first season, dbff! I enjoyed it a lot.
      I love the parallelism between Minnie & Charlie and Tina & Bette and how you write as for a screenplay.
      Can’t wait to read what will happen at the opening!
      It was a slow burn alright! Quite the dream, the one Tina had 😉

      • Thanks for the help, Atritonia. You are very perceptive. And I also like the parallelism that you mention, particularly in Tina’s conversations with Minnie. I think she has a lot going on in her subconscious. :)

    3. Thank you so much for the first season dbff!!!

      I really enjoyed it!!!

      Seems Bette should lock her cabin to make sure uninvited woman can’t enter it.

      But i understood that Joanna wanted a Bette for breakfast, i would love that too 😉

      I am ready for the second season!!!

    4. I haven’t commented on a story in awhile as I’ve been hiding as a silent reader, but I just had to hop on here and tell you how much I absolutely love this story! So much that I kept checking back frequently hoping for a new post and you never disappoint!

      Can’t wait to see how it all progresses and I also like that it hasn’t felt rushed at all.


    5. It seems Charlie has Bette withdraws also.. just as Tina is having in her dreams. The painting of her I think will make her forget all about miss trouble making Joanna and follow her heart.
      We all know she will indeed make it to the opening and be drop dead gorgeous and I think Bette is not quiet ready for the fireworks because I’m not convinced that Bette left her an invitation.
      I know if Joanna can see a difference in Bette than Kit sure has and knows who has make that difference. And seeing the painting backed her theory up. Mmm… thank you loved it and can’t wait to see whats up next.

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