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    Chapter 16




    The luscious lips in front of her start moving in a sensual dance.

    Bette – Did you sleep well?



    Bette’s cabin, morning: Tina finally comes out of her dreamlike state and realizes where she is. She smiles.

    Tina – Amazing …

    Bette – Good!

    Tina – What time is it?

    Bette – Don’t kill me … It’s 6 am.

    The blonde raises her eyebrows.

    Tina – It’s morning already?!

    Bette nods.

    Tina – I slept all evening … and night?

    The brunette nods again.  

    Tina – I’m so embarrassed …

    Bette – Don’t be!

    The producer sits up straight, the sheet falling to her lap.

    Tina – Oh my God! Where did you sleep?!

    Bette – In the couch.

    Tina blushes, noticing that she is naked and pulls the sheet up. She looks at the robe carelessly thrown on the bed.

    Tina – Sorry … I don’t even remember taking off the robe. I … don’t usually sleep wearing much.

    Bette –The cabin can get warm sometimes.

    Tina – Why didn’t you wake me up?!

    Bette – You were sound asleep and I couldn’t bring myself to wake you up. You needed the rest.

    The blonde sighs.

    Tina – It was the best night I’ve had in a month!

    Bette – You’re welcome to sleep some more.

    Tina – I wish … but can’t.

    She suddenly frowns.

    Tina – What about Minnie? Where is she?

    Bette – Minnie is in the corral with Charlie. They are fine.

    Tina – Corral?

    Bette – Yeah, I have a small corral for him at night. Electric fence for his protection.

    The producer sighs.

    Bette – Well, why don’t you … shower and come eat breakfast? I don’t have a second toothbrush, but there is toothpaste in the bathroom.

    Tina – I can’t believe I slept for over 12 hours! And stole your bed from you!

    Bette – More like 14 hours. And I gave you my bed. (pause) Come!

    Tina – I’ll be there shortly.

    The brunette leaves the room. The blonde yawns and stretches her arms in a languid move. She falls back in bed with a smile.


    Bette’s cabin, morning: Tina comes out of the bedroom dressed in her clothes.

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    1. Oh wow, incredible chapter!

      “Flirting … harmless flirting …, Tina muses, looking into brown eyes.

      Alarm bells … alarm bells …, the brunette thinks, looking into hazel eyes.”

      I loved those lines above!

      The kiss at the end of the chapter was fantastic, they both are feeling so much and i hope they will have the guts to admit them. For now i like their interaction!

      Glad Bette rejected Wendy, and in a gentle kind way.

      Looking forward to the next chapters!

    2. Ooowww.. some body bit off more than they could chew…and some one found something they have never felt before. Now will they know what to do with it.. or will they run. Pretty sure neither will get over that first kiss. Thank you loved it..I just love the burn lol.

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