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    Chapter 20

    Western Skies Ranch, morning: Tina arrives at the ranch and rushes to her office. Brian and Jen are waiting. She comes in.

    Tina – Sorry!

    She sits in her desk chair and sighs.

    Tina – I don’t know what happened, I … overslept.

    Brian smiles.

    Brian – We were wondering if you were drinking again!

    She chuckles.

    Tina – No! I realized the other day that my college days are to remain in the past!

    She searches for papers on her desk.

    Tina – So …

    Jen hands her a document.

    Jen – The list of scenes for this week.

    Tina – Ah … yes!

    She sighs.


    A day later


    Bette Porter Gallery, morning: Bette is in her office, typing on her computer, when a knock is heard.

    Bette – Come in!

    A young man opens the door.

    Man – Bette, the workers have arrived.

    Bette – Oh, good! Please take them to the storage room, James. I’ll be there in a minute.

    James – OK!

    He leaves and she continues typing.


    Western Skies valley, morning: They are filming another scene in the valley. In the scene, Sarah and Carlos are arguing. Tina looks distracted, sitting on a rock and staring at the scenery in the direction of the cabin.



    Bette rests for a minute, her body floating on the surface, arms in a cross, eyes closed facing the sky. Her nakedness is at full display: face … arms … breasts … mound … thighs … bobbing in and out of the water while her feet make slow movements here and there to keep her afloat. 


    Bette comes out of the water and lazily walks into the morning sun, water dripping from her body.


    The brunette caresses Tina’s arm with her index finger.

    Bette – Your skin is milky like a baby’s …


    Brian walks over to the producer.

    Brian – Tina, should we change the dialogue? (pause) Tina?!

    She finally turns to him.

    Tina – What?

    Brian – What the hell is wrong with you lately?

    She sighs, rubbing her neck.

    Tina – Tired, I guess …


    Bette Porter Gallery, afternoon: Bette directs the workers as they prepare the space for the exhibition, adding extra panels, patching holes on the walls from previous paintings and painting the panels and walls.

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    1. Thank you for this satisfying post :D
      Happy to see TBC at the foot of it and wait impatiently for you to comply with this promise:D
      Seriously I really enjoyed the way you have written the characters of Bette and Tina and look forward to more.
      Thank you again.

    2. Hi! Thanks for the great chapter!

      I must say i like this kiss much more, than previous between them. And i glad that Bette told Tina about Joanna.
      By the way – i can’t decide which Bette i like more – cowgirl or artgirl.

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