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    Bette nods.

    Helena – But not as impressed as I am with Tina.

    The gallery owner frowns.

    Bette – Why are you telling me this, Helena?

    Helena – Because we spent a lovely time together in Aspen, Bette. And I want you to know that I wish to spend more time with her in the future … as much as she will allow me.

    Bette looks shocked.

    Helena – And as soon as she wraps up her movie, I intend to invite her to visit me in Paris.

    The gallery owner is silent for a short moment trying to process the news.  

    Bette – We are no longer together, Helena. This is between you and Tina.

    Helena – I am glad that you think this way, Bette. I do not want any misunderstanding

    between us.

    She smiles.

    Helena – Well, if you excuse me, I have a meeting to attend in half an hour. Have a good rest of the day, Bette!

    Bette nods and she leaves. The gallery owner sits down looking devastated.



    Kit – Bette, this princess is mighty beautiful … and classy! The way I see it, she can easily seduce any woman!


    Oh fuck, Kit was right! This is why Tina just wanted to be friends with me, Bette concludes in shock. They went to Aspen together! She is dating Helena Peabody!


    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is humming when Jen comes in.

    Jen – Humming?! You look much happier these days! Is this just because the movie is ending?

    The producer smiles.

    Tina – We are talking again …

    Jen – You and … the one who shall not be named?!

    Tina nods with a grin.

    Jen – Ahh … that explains! Are you back together?

    Tina – Not yet … but I’m hopeful! I just need to be patient.

    Jen – You know what they say … Forgiveness is a funny thing: it warms the heart and cools the sting!

    Tina – I like it!


    Bette’s gallery, morning: Bette is sitting at her desk, her eyes closed, her face in pain. “Oh my fucking God, make this go away!”, pleads the brunette. Just the thought of Tina smiling at Helena, flirting with Helena … is enough to make her sick. She cannot bear the thought of Helena kissing the blonde! And the thought of Helena pleasuring the blonde …


    1. Hi! Thanks for chapter!

      Yeah, i agree – it this chapter Bette is absolutely brainless. All she need to do – it just ask Tina during their phone talks – if she dating with someone? But no, she better believe Helena’s words. Stupid.

    2. Thanks so much for this chapter. I look forward to every weekend knowing there will be updates on my favorites and Western Skies is one of my favs! Just can’t get why Bette just doesn’t ask Tina or say something to Kit. And surely Bette remembers that she was Tina’s first girl relationship..does she think Tina would jump from her to another woman so quickly. I want Bette to be that same strong woman who take assertiveness to heart and confronts Tina about Helena. That’s my 2 cents. And could you please post again soon…it would be a great birthday present for me today! :)

      • Happy Birthday, Finn422! I will post soon, yes! As for Bette, remember that she has issues and is not always the strong woman that we want her to be. She is the same woman who cheated on Tina in S1 because she couldn’t express her feelings. The same woman who didn’t have the courage to break up with Jodi and tell Tina that she loved her in S5 until the sh*t hit the fan. She was obviously prone to cheating and engaging in casual sex, perhaps because she had never felt the sting of loving someone and not being their only one. And finally, she can be a drama queen too, which is funny sometimes, and a little prone to panic attacks as we saw in the elevator scene. In this story, she will learn while young, so it doesn’t happen later on.

    3. I agree with the others.

      Bette must stop being a whimp and ask Tina about that fucking Peabody bitch and return back to the confident and cocky Bette. I miss her, at the other side i understand her a bit, she was hurt in the past and Tina did hurt her too.

      I must say i like Tina’s way to turture Bette, she sure isn’t shy in telling her what she thinks.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    4. Ahh, about Bette all been said by others. But i think in the future we might see that Helena gives Tina ultimatum – dating or no money from her. I’d like to see what Tina will choose in that case

    5. Frickin’ Helena is definitely gonna give Tina an ultimatum!! I figure as soon as Tina opens her mouth in innocent convo w/Helena saying that she Bette are trying to reconcile, H will pull out all he stops to bed her and parade Tina as her partner in front of Bette.

      Right now there’s no guarantee that the movie Tina is trying to finish will make it without Helena pulling a fast one and putting Tina in a bind some how.

      • Thanks for the words of encouragement, BlueFlame7! I may need them right now. Writing is a big commitment. I don’t currently have plans for another story but one never knows.

    6. Lol i love this story and the tit for tat between them and your readers.. i for one understand Bette. She scared of what she feels and thinks. Shes afraid to ask Tina. Afraid of what she might say.. Tina’s is her Kryptonite.. she makes Bette weak.. in more ways than one. Thank you for the chapter waiting for next one.

        • Lol.. And some have big imagination..yeah Kryptonite.. I think its perfect word for this love for Tina. Love makes you become unglued and not yourself sometimes.. shes just trying to find her footing and I think she’s almost there.
          And Helena is Helena no surprise there.. Happy Writing.

    7. Wow…didn’t see it coming..Helena played dirty..bette was really fragile in this story..i guess she just tried to protect her heart from breaking..but tina is worth to fight hope bette finally come to her sense and fight for her..

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