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    Colorado Mountain, late morning: The trail is interrupted by a creek. Bette sits on the ground and begins to remove her hiking boots. She looks up.

    Bette – We need to cross it.

    Tina sits down and does the same. They take off their hiking boots and socks, fold their pant legs above their knees and start crossing the cold stream of water.

    The blonde screams with the shock of the freezing water on her legs and feet.

    Tina – Shit!

    She laughs and returns to the margin.

    The brunette looks back.

    Bette – What are you doing?

    Tina – I’m preparing myself.

    She sighs, staring at the water.

    Bette – You need to meditate before crossing a creek? We don’t have time to waste!

    Tina – I’m not a mountain woman! Your pleasure is to dump me in freezing water ever since we started dating! Actually, before we started dating!

    The brunette smirks.

    Bette – You, chicken!

    She returns to the margin.

    Bette – You know that you will have to wash yourself in these waters, don’t you?

    The blonde raises her eyebrows.

    Tina – Oh shit! I hadn’t thought of that!

    Bette – It was your brilliant idea to come this far!

    Tina – You mean that I am not paying you to warm water for me?

    Bette laughs.

    Bette – No!

    She drops her backpack on the ground and gives her back to the blonde.

    Bette – Hop on!

    Tina grins.

    Bette – C’mon!

    The blonde hops on her back. The brunette crosses the creek carrying her.

    Tina – Why don’t we continue this way to the top?

    Bette – I may have lost weight but you have gained!

    Tina laughs and hugs her closer.

    Tina – My backpack is heavy!

    Bette drops her on the other margin.

    Bette – There, LA princess!

    Tina – Thank you, baby! Um … Bette!

    She gives her a peck on the cheek.

    The brunette returns to get her back pack. They put on their boots and continue the hike.


    Colorado Mountain, late morning: Bette and Tina arrive at an open area with a view. Tina takes in the view.


    1. Yaayyy!!! Finally bette n tina back together again…way to go tina..fight for your love one.. :)
      Just wish the movie finished sooner rather than later..wendy is such a pain in the a** :(
      Thank you for the update..I love how playfull n sneaky tina was in this chapter :p

    2. Thanks dbff. Cute chapter. Tina got her woman back. Let’s see how she speaks her “truth” once they get back down the mountain. Looking forward to how she handles the Wendy situation.

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