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    Tina – It’s amazing!

    Bette – I knew you would like. Native Americans used to live in this region thousands of years ago. Look at those holes in the mountain walls …

    The blonde turns to look with her binoculars.

    Tina – Oh, wow! I see!

    Bette – This is why we call them cave mountains. There are several caves of lower altitude.

    Tina – Any chance we can visit one?

    The brunette grins.

    Bette – This is why I brought you here!

    She continues the hike. Tina follows her through the trail.


    Cave mountain, midday: The two women arrive at the entrance of an average size cave. Bette enters the cave ahead of the blonde.

    Tina – Is it safe?

    Bette – It’s a relatively safe place … and of a somewhat easy access. You might consider this cave for your scene.

    Tina – I see!

    She walks around the cave.

    Tina – It’s large enough, yet cozy. I bet a fire here at night would look quite romantic.

    Bette – I think so.

    The blonde looks outside the cave.

    Tina – The view is spectacular!

    Bette – Uh-huh! All this area has incredible views.

    Tina turns to her.

    Tina – You always know what I like.

    She steps closer and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

    Tina – Thank you!

    Bette – Welcome!

    Tina takes the script out of her backpack and sits on the floor.

    Tina – I need to envision the scene here. Do you want to review the script with me?

    Bette raises an eyebrow.

    Bette – Of a love scene? I’ll let you do that.

    The blonde turns on a flashlight and begins to read.

    Bette sits against the opposite wall of the cave and steals glances at the blonde, who is absorbed in her task for a while. She always has this cute frown when she is thinking, the brunette muses with a feeling of déjà vu. Her mind flashes back to a scene in San Francisco, with Tina being absorbed in her work while the brunette prepared dinner.

    Tina – I have a question.

    She suddenly looks up at the brunette, startling her.

    Tina – How would you like to make love here?


    1. Yaayyy!!! Finally bette n tina back together again…way to go tina..fight for your love one.. :)
      Just wish the movie finished sooner rather than later..wendy is such a pain in the a** :(
      Thank you for the update..I love how playfull n sneaky tina was in this chapter :p

    2. Thanks dbff. Cute chapter. Tina got her woman back. Let’s see how she speaks her “truth” once they get back down the mountain. Looking forward to how she handles the Wendy situation.

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