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    Kit – Cheers!

    The crowd raises their glasses of champagne.

    Crowd – Cheers!

    Malcolm hugs her.

    Malcolm – I’m so proud of you, Kit!

    Kit – Thanks, babe! It wouldn’t be possible without your help!

    They kiss.


    A day later


    Western Skies Camp, morning: A bus full of kids arrives at the Camp. The kids are taken to the lodge where the staff waits. Kit greets them at the door with a big grin.


    Two weeks later


    Western Skies stable, late night: Bette, Tina, Kit and Jim are inside Minnie’s stall while the mare is giving birth. Kit is holding a lamp. Tina is caressing Minnie’s head and soothing her. Bette and Jim are helping the mare with the birth.  

    The foal begins to come out and Bette helps pull it out. Not a minute later, the little foal is standing up in unsteady legs. It is a black and white female.

    Tina and Kit cry. Jim smiles. Bette hugs the blonde.

    Tina – She is beautiful, baby!

    Kit – And healthy!

    Bette – She looks exactly like her dad when he was born.

    She smiles wistfully.

    Jim – Yeah …

    Kit – Which name will you give her, baby sis?

    The brunette turns to the blonde.

    Bette – Tina should pick the name.

    Tina smiles surprised and turns to the foal.

    Tina – Pearl! She is pretty and shiny like a pearl!

    Kit – Our black and white pearl!

    Bette – Perfect!

    She smiles.


    Two months later


    Western Skies cabin, afternoon: Bette and Tina are at the fence of the new corral and stable near the cabin in the valley. The brunette stands behind her girlfriend, arms wrapped around her waist as they watch Charlie, Minnie and baby Pearl with adoration.  Pearl plays in the corral surrounded by her parents.

    Tina – She is so pretty!

    Bette – Just like Charlie at that age.

    Tina – She is going to break hearts!

    Bette – Look how tender he is with her.

    Tina – And how proud Minnie looks!

    Pearl walks in their direction and approaches them with curiosity. The women caress her. Charlie and Minnie also approach them.

    The blonde caresses Minnie.

    Tina – We didn’t forget you, mama!

    Bette caresses Charlie.

    Bette – You’re still my baby!

    Tina – They are a family now …

    Bette – Maybe it’s time we become one too.

    Tina turns to her surprised.

    Tina – You think?!

    The brunette smiles coyly.

    Tina – We are practically living together.  I spend most of my time with you.

    Bette shakes her head.

    Bette – I mean marrying … as close to a legal marriage as we can.

    The blonde smiles mischievously.

    Tina – Are you proposing, cowgirl?

    The brunette looks at the horses and smirks.

    Bette – In front of a corral?

    Tina turns to look at the horses and the scenery of the valley. She sighs.

    Tina – In front of the horses we love. In the place we met and love the most.

    The brunette smiles and gazes at the scenery surrounding them.

    Bette – Yeah …

    She turns to her girlfriend and holds her hands.

    Bette – Will you marry me, Tina Kennard?

    The blonde smiles.

    Tina – I will … with all my heart, baby! Will you marry me, Bette Porter?

    The brunette smiles back.

    Bette – I will, Tee! You’re everything I want!

    They grin at each other and exchange a warm kiss. Pearl jumps in a playful move in the background.


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    1. Thank you for the great story!

      Yeah, i was the one who was not pleased when you broke up our girls, but maybe they needed this experience to appreciate what they had and have.

      So, thank you again for the finale and if you decided to give us another story – i definitely will read it.

    2. Amazing story!

      It was a lovely and bumpy road but finally they are where they are supposed to be.

      I hope you will grace us with a sequel or new story.

      Thank you so much for this story!

    3. Beautiful loved the talk and walk with Bette and Tina. It was so loving and sweet. Love that Minnie and Charlie had a baby.. so cute.. all Tina’s fault… she was pining way for Bette while those two were taking advantage of their time alone lol.. glad Kit has her kids ranch open…Helen and Bette hope they will be happy together lol..

      Thank you for your time and this great story. Look forward to your next story when and if you find the inspiration for a new one.

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