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    Bette – I think we can start planning our house here, don’t you think?

    Tina smiles.

    Tina – I’d love that!

    Bette – The cabin will be Angie’s when she grows up … right, Angie?

    The baby looks happy glancing at the horses and swinging her arms toward them.

    Bette – She wants to ride Pearl again.

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – Not until she is …

    She opens her hand twice, showing all five fingers.

    Tina – … ten!

    Bette – Umm … let’s compromise …

    She points her index finger up.

    Bette – … one!

    She winks with a mischievous smile.

    Tina laughs.

    Tina – OK, if you hold her, always!

    The brunette takes Angie into her arms.

    Bette – Do you hear, baby? We can’t ride just yet … but you will soon be a big girl!

    She carries Angie toward the horses and Tina stays behind watching them with a smile.

    She glances around and sighs. How much her life had changed since she first came to the valley … their paradise! And to think of all the other ranches that she had visited before looking into this one.

    Tina – It was fate!

    She mutters. She could have never written a better script for her future!

    The brunette looks back at her.

    Bette – Coming?

    Tina – Uh-huh!

    She nods and makes her way to her two girls with a grin.


    Bette and Tina’s cabin, morning: Bette enters the cabin followed by Tina, who is holding Angie.

    Tina – Let’s change this diaper, Angie?

    She kisses her baby.  

    Tina – Better yet, how about a bath … with miss ducky?

    Angie giggles and babbles. The blonde carries her to the bedroom.

    The brunette stays behind and pours water in a glass. She drinks the water and sits in the armchair with a sigh. She notices with curiosity that Tina’s notebook is still open on the coffee table.

    Bette – What is your idea about, Tee?

    Tina’s voice comes from the bedroom.

    Tina – Uh …?

    Bette grabs the notebook and reads the page.

    She smiles wistfully gazing at the text for a moment.  

    Bette – It is a great idea …

    She leaves the notebook on the coffee table and stands up, making her way to the bedroom.

    The camera focuses on the notebook page.

    This is a story about how a young woman discovers her sexuality while pursuing her career goals in a place full of wondrous natural beauty.  While surrounded by nature, she allows her own nature to speak louder and call her to the wild experience of falling in love with another woman, an intriguing and stunningly beautiful cowgirl. And unbeknownst to her, by following her instincts and trying to understand her own feelings, the young woman is also seducing the cowgirl and changing her forever …



    1. Hi dbff,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      For the original story really enjoyed it

      For the super Epilogue and

      For responding so quickly to our request for the Epilogue :-)

      Please post another Story soon.


    2. Thanks for the wonderful epilogue. I hope you will develop another story for our girls..or a later chapter! Maybe a holiday update..Thanksgiving with the entire family? Thanks again I am going to miss your updates!

    3. Thank you for the beautiful epilogue!

      I like scenes with Tibette, Angelica and Pearl and all their time in the ranch.
      And of course if you decide to give us another story about Tibette i definitely will read it.

    4. Thank you so much for beginning and ending (possibly for now) this amazing story since I didn’t get to say that on the last chapter! And thank you for this cute epilogue. Hope to see more stories from you soon!

    5. This story was so great, surrounded by pictural nature scenes…
      I cannot help but thinking a lot, with few touches here and there, to my beloved Desert Hearts – and since your Alice was watching this wonderful movie in this story, I think it was a kind of tribute wink, no ? ;-)
      Thank you SO much for this amazing journey !
      And a special tender goodbye to Charlie’s family, these horses were so adorable…
      Gratefully yours – Ariane

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