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    Chapter 4




    Kit – Bette, meet Tina Kennard, the movie producer I told you about.

    The brunette looks surprised. Kit turns to Tina.

    Kit – Tina, meet my baby sis, Bette Porter!



    Western Skies Ranch, late morning: Tina’s mouth drops. No handshake is exchanged.

    Tina – I … didn’t realize.

    Kit chuckles.

    Kit – Not many people do!

    Bette crosses her arms and stares at Tina in a daring stance.

    Bette – Why not?

    Her older sister laughs.

    Kit – Because you are pretty and young!

    The blonde smiles to Kit.

    Tina – No … I …

    Bette – You what?

    Kit places a hand on the brunette’s crossed arms.

    Kit – C’mon, baby sis …

    Bette – I just want to know why she didn’t think I am your sister.

    Tina presses her lips together.

    Kit – This is not the time, Bette …

    Bette continues staring at Tina confrontationally.

    Bette – Why not?

    The blonde looks annoyed.

    Tina – Because I thought you were a cowgirl!

    Bette raises her eyebrows.

    Bette – A cowgirl?!

    Tina – Yeah … a hired hand!

    The brunette gives a sharp laugh.  They stare at each other with animosity. Kit gently pulls Tina by the arm.

    Kit – Let’s go, Tina! Let me show you around some more.

    The blonde breaks the stare and turns around.

    Bette – Just so you know …

    Kit and Tina turn back around.

    Bette – I don’t agree with my sister about this movie idea!

    The blonde turns to Kit worried. The older woman sighs and stares at her sister.

    Kit – Luckily for us, Tina, she does not own the majority of the ranch!

    She grabs Tina by the arm and they leave. Bette caresses Charlie’s face. The horse snorts.

    Bette – I know, Charlie … I know …

    She sighs upset and walks Charlie back to the stable.

    Bette – Say goodbye to peace and quiet …


    Western Skies Ranch, late morning: Kit is showing the grounds to Tina. They are walking around the garden on the South side of the house, near the forest. The blonde continues to take pictures of the surroundings.


    Ranch house porch, midday: Kit and Tina are having brunch on the front porch of the house. The blonde is showing her some drawings of the movie set. Maria is serving them.

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    1. I promise to read every chapter as soon as possible, as long you keep posting them regurlarly 😉

      I love it, they are two proud woman as i see, but i already see the attraction.

      Kit is a very nice woman and certainly not afraid to head butt with Bette.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. I promise you that if you keep posting regularly I will read them as soon as I am able.
      Love the 3 Characters you have given us here and look forward to your story unfolding.
      Thanks for posting please post again soon.


    3. Great chapter!

      Good to see that Tina and Bette start talking, but don’t know how i feel about T saw Bette’s picture without her permission

      Interesting plot, waiting for the next update!

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