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    Tina – OK.

    The brunette makes her way to the kitchen and prepares the hot chocolate in silence.  When she returns with two cups, Tina seems to be dozing off in the couch.

    Bette – Tina …?

    Tina – Huh …?

    Bette – Are you OK?

    The blonde chuckles embarrassed.

    Tina – I’m OK! It is so peaceful and cozy here …

    She accepts her cup and takes a sip of the hot chocolate.

    Tina – Mmmm … wonderful!

    Bette – Glad you like.

    The rancher sits by the chair in front of the couch and places her long legs on the coffee table.

    Bette – Do you feel better now?

    Tina – Yes! (pause) I haven’t been sleeping well lately. We were up until 3 am last night doing some preparations for today. And then I woke up around 6 am for early scenes.

    Bette – Ahh …

    Tina – And then the swimming, a cozy and warm cabin … and hot chocolate …

    She chuckles.

    Tina – It is better than Ambien!

    Bette smiles.

    Bette – Why don’t you take a nap? My bed is right there!

    The blonde turns to look at the bedroom with a smile.

    Tina – Don’t tempt me … I may say yes!

    The brunette stands up.

    Bette – C’mon!

    Tina – I’ll just take a little nap … OK?

    Bette – OK!

    Tina – Promise to wake me up in an hour? I have to go back before dark.

    Bette – Sure!

    The blonde smiles apologetically.

    Tina – So, I come here to bother you and end up stealing your towel, drinking your hot chocolate and borrowing your bed …

    Bette – No problem. You need the rest. Come!

    Tina – OK … thanks!

    They walk to the bedroom.


    Bette’s cabin, afternoon: Bette is painting by the window. She checks the clock on the wall and looks at the closed bedroom door. She stands up and makes her way to the bedroom.


    Bette’s cabin, afternoon: Bette opens the door, slowly entering the bedroom. She makes her way in and stops. Her mouth drops. The scene in front of her is mesmerizing. Tina sleeps soundly in the bed … and naked, her body partially covered by a sheet, her breasts and legs exposed, her hair slightly covering her face.

    The brunette looks down, avoiding the sight of the blonde’s naked body and covers her again. She notices the little tattoo of a lotus flower on her right foot and studies it for a moment. She closes her eyes and sighs. She turns around and leaves, closing the door behind her.


    Bette’s cabin, afternoon: Bette stares outside the window drinking tea as the sun sets behind the mountains to the West.


    Bette’s cabin, morning: Tina wakes up with the sound of a soft, smooth voice calling her name. She slowly opens her eyes and faces a warm smile and a pair of beautiful brown eyes. She smiles back and dreamingly gazes at the alluring face. The flutter in her stomach suddenly comes back. The luscious lips in front of her start moving in a sensual dance.

    Bette – Did you sleep well?




    1. Tina has awoken in Bettes bed and you leave us hanging? ughhhhhh lol but thats something to look forward too. Enjoyed their interactions in this cahpter. Tina is definetely curious. Please Post Soon

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