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    Bette steps closer, her discontent visible in her eyes.

    Bette – I’m not disrupting your movie!

    Tina – No, you’re just distracting the lead actress!

    Bette – And why would you care that she kissed me when you’ve got a boyfriend on the set?

    The producer chuckles.

    Tina – Boyfriend?! Who is this boyfriend?

    Bette – Your inseparable director!

    Tina – He is not my boyfriend! We are friends.

    Bette – Oh … a friend with benefits? How enlightening, after so much righteousness!

    Tina – Wrong! I don’t do friends with benefits! Unlike you and your … “friends”!

    She gestures double quotes with her fingers.

    Tina – I may be the only woman around here who hasn’t fallen for you!

    The rancher folds her arms.

    Bette – And why does it bother you? Are you jealous? Or maybe you are afraid you’d like it!

    Tina – I’m jealous of nobody and afraid of nothing! Much less of your seductive powers!

    She steps away from Bette. The brunette grabs her arm and turns her around.

    Bette – Really?! Because you seem to be the only woman in this production who gets upset when I’m with Wendy!

    Tina – Huh! Don’t flatter yourself, cowgirl!

    Tina pulls her arm away and holds the folder against her chest.

    Tina – Not everyone falls for your charms!

    To prove her point, she invades the brunette’s personal space, facing her with confidence, her chin held high in a daring stance, her eyes beaming with anger.

    Tina – I can vouch for it!

    Her confidence is a mistake. Her instincts feel the danger coming from those piercing brown eyes staring back at her, before she can fully recognize it. To escape the danger, her eyes look down and she finds herself staring at the brunette’s lips instead. They are so close … so luscious and close… so dangerously close … and before she can retreat … they are on her lips, forceful and warm. And before she can react, the cowgirl’s hand possessively wraps around her neck, while an arm tightly wraps around the blonde’s waist, trapping her. It is a trap from which she will not escape.

    Bette’s temper flaring, the kiss is meant to be forceful, hard lips pressing against hard lips, force against resistance. The brunette doesn’t succeed. From the first touch, an electric charge enfolds them and radiates over their bodies like a lightning bolt, all the way to those guarded, hidden places of pleasure … taking away any will to force or resist. Lips suck lips as they soften and dampen; wet lips slide over wet lips and part them; tongues meet, taste each other with thirst and dance together. With astonishment, the blonde hears herself moan.

    Their senses melt away, lose track of time and space; their anger dissolves. Breathing gets labored and hearts beat faster. They soon are lost in the kiss, a surprise to both: Bette, who experienced desire but not this explosive reaction to a woman; Tina, who didn’t know desire for a woman and is completely overwhelmed by so many sensations.

    In shock, the brunette stops and breaks the kiss. The previous events rush back to mind. The jumble of emotions reignites her temper.

    Bette – It takes two to tango!

    Her usual smooth voice now sounds hoarse and throaty. She turns around and leaves the office.

    The producer is left standing in the room, the folder still pressed against her chest like a last bastion of defense. As the door slams shut behind the cowgirl, Tina’s balance falters. She leans back against the cabinet … opens her eyes … and exhales.




    1. Oh wow, incredible chapter!

      “Flirting … harmless flirting …, Tina muses, looking into brown eyes.

      Alarm bells … alarm bells …, the brunette thinks, looking into hazel eyes.”

      I loved those lines above!

      The kiss at the end of the chapter was fantastic, they both are feeling so much and i hope they will have the guts to admit them. For now i like their interaction!

      Glad Bette rejected Wendy, and in a gentle kind way.

      Looking forward to the next chapters!

    2. Ooowww.. some body bit off more than they could chew…and some one found something they have never felt before. Now will they know what to do with it.. or will they run. Pretty sure neither will get over that first kiss. Thank you loved it..I just love the burn lol.

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