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    What If – Chapter 9

    Somewhere at a non-disclosed location…..

    Jenny: [Raising both her arms in the air wearing a magician cape and a funnel shaped hat decorated in Fruitopia drink labels] We have all gathered here today to summon the higher powers that be to awaken the darken spirts of the night and ask they serve as a guide as we enter into their unknown abyss!

    Shane: [rolling her eyes] You’ve got to be kidding me!

    Jenny: [continuing] The lit candles before you represent all forms of life inhale their scent joining your spirt and becoming one!

    Helena: [confused turns the candle around scrunching up her nose] Cucumber melon?

    Tina: Sea Cotton?

    Kit: Japanese Cherry Blossom!?

    Bette: [in a disgusted tone] Coconut Lime? Cut the crap, all this represents is the buy three get one free sale at Bath & Body Works!

    Shane: [rising her hand] I have a question?

    Jenny: No, you don’t, now if everyone will please grab——.”

    Helena: [cutting her off] Why do I feel like I’m auditioning for The Craft sequel?

    Bette: That’s probably because Nancy over there has lost her rabid ass mind!

    Tina: Is it me or is the temperature dropping in here? [she asks shuttering grabbing her arms]

    Kit: Just where in the hell are we exactly Jenny?

    Shane: [looking above her] Where did that patch of fog come from?

    Jenny: The next person who rudely interrupts will have to wear this lovely bear trap I picked up at the local zoo auction! [everyone disgustingly stares at both her and the bear trap she held up] Now, where was I, oh that’s right….. now if everyone will grab the strand of twine before you and connect it to the twine to the person right of you.

    Tina: This is insane!

    Helena: [tying her twine to Tinas] No, I’ll tell you what’s insane, I went to the movies with her a few days ago when we reached our seats she takes the lid of her drink and pours it in the seat in front of us. I said, Jenny what are you doing she says nothing just making sure nobody sits in front of us.

    Tina: I knew I should I have invested in the strait jacket stock market.

    Jenny: [overhearing the conversation] We, had a great time didn’t we Helena and the gourmet popcorn was fantastic! Speaking of popcorn, I would just like all you to know before I die I’m going to swallow a whole bag of popcorn kennels… cremation is going to be epic!

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    1. I am so happy to read another chapter about this story!

      I really hope that Alice got her wake up call and think about her relationship and start acting like a girlfriend instead as a single woman.

      The job offer Bette got is a fantastic oppertunity, i hope she will reconsider and think about it and when she accept it, it will only when Tina comes along with her.

      I hope to see a update very soon!

    2. Hi Skunk:

      Nice and funny chapter; the time of the truth has come, Alice, as well as Dana, have to think about what each one wants, and then make their decisions; to stay in their own relationships or to break them up; no one should stay attached just by pity, but by real feelings.
      Hell, Jenny, someone should give her a one-way ticket to a volcanic island ready to blow up.
      Thanks for the chapter.


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