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    Fate Steps In

    The roar of the crowd can be heard from her dressing room as the video montage to her next starts playing in the arena signaling she has 2 minutes to take her position on the under stage platform lift.  She smiles quickly applying her lipstick and gives a quick fluff of her hair that comes to rest perfectly on her shoulders.  After weeks of choreography and practice, choosing her set list and giving input on the set design, her first concert is about to come to end with an encore of her  #1 hit

    “Ok. Let’s go out with a bang” she pep talks herself in the mirror before leaving the dressing room and walking briskly.  She finally reaches the entrance to the platform that will lift her back on the stage.

    “Cutting it close there aren’t you”

    “I know Ollie.  Just reflecting”

    Ollie placed a hand on her shoulder as she positions herself on the platform and her ear microphone is given to her by the sound tech. She positions it in her ear and adjusts the microphone

    “Time to wrap this up. You have nailed it so far.  Everyone has”. Ollie says as he notices her dancers taking their places on their platforms “Everyone is set” he says before noticing a dancer missing

    As the intro to her song starts she signals to the platform operator she is ready to go on cue. And with that the platform starts lifting her up on the stage and stops just as the lights come on revealing her and her dancers striking the same pose. She starts the choreography with her dancers falling in behind her matching her move for move until she breaks out into a 360 degree spin and begins the lyrics to her song

    “You said you’d never leave me. That was a lie. …You said I was your forever…Yet you left without a goodbye.  But you won’t see me crying.  No..No..You won’t see me crying ”

    She breaks from choreography and skips to the left end of the stage to begin her chorus

    “Because you won’t break me.  You won’t shake me”

    She dances her way to the other side of the stage as she sings

    “ I’m Shatterproof.  Shatterproof” she belts out in her soprano vibrato that echos through the arena as she rejoins her dancers in more choreographed moves. The crowd is singing and dancing along and she can’t help but smile as she catches the eye of a fan in the front row and breaks from routine.  She walks over and squats down right in front of the woman that caught her eye and brings her voice to a sultry tone

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    1. So Tina Kennard is a singer/dancer and Bette Potter is a emergency substitute dance about to go on the road with Tina’s group to perform a tour…. interesting.

      Now is this the beginning of something? Bette is a good dancer and Tina thinks she beautiful. Now are Bette and Karen a couple or just long time friends and roommates in the traditional sense?

      An interest beginning . Thanks you for writing. Love to see more.

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