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    When You Least Expect It – Chapter 19

    It was the perfect response, one that needed no reply and so Tina did the only other thing she could do. She leaned in for a sweet, lingering kiss.

    Whether it was the effect of Bette’s heartfelt words, the kiss itself or a combination of both, Tina felt her body responding to the brunette. She pulled back in an attempt to avoid temptation but couldn’t find the strength to go far, their lips a mere whisper apart.

    Tina suddenly found herself without air, her heart beating hard against her chest.

    The kiss must have had the same reaction on Bette who grasped the back of Tina’s neck, their eyes meeting only for a moment before the brunette pulled Tina back in for a kiss so deep they both moaned on contact.

    It was passionate yet unhurried, the slow burn of the kiss doing wonders for both women. Their mouths moved in a way that professed their feelings for one another, their tongues rolling together so sensually it was like making love.

    “Okay” Bette breathed when they finally pulled apart, her breathing ragged as she laid her forehead against Tina’s. She swallowed, her eyes closed in an attempt to get her libido under control. “Maybe we should do something else before I lose my mind”

    “Would that be such a bad thing?”

    The whispered reply was unexpected and Bette felt a jolt of pleasure directly between her legs. She licked her lips.

    “Yes, if you care about that dress at all”

    Tina shivered at Bette’s words, a steady throbbing pulsing between her legs. She bit her lip as she considered her next words, knowing full well the result if she responded the way she wanted to.

    So, she said it anyway.

    “And if I don’t?”

    “I’m going to ruin it”

    Moaning Tina closed the distance between them and smashed her lips against Bette’s.

    Bette eagerly returned the kiss, groaning when Tina began to suck on her tongue. The kiss grew wild, their breath escaping in small gasps each time their lips broke apart. It was only when Bette nearly let the champagne glass slip from her grasp that she found the strength to pull away completely. Breathless.

    “Let’s set these down” Bette whispered with a smile, her chest heaving with her shaky breaths. She took Tina’s glass from her hands and placed it along with her own in a rack off to the side.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter and glad you feel better now!

      So, after ending chapter like that i hope you fix it in next chapet. Yeah?

      And about Kevin – bad, bad choise he did.

      Waiting impatiently for the next!

    2. I am very happy you are nursed back to health Liah!!!

      You definately know how to build up the a chapter, a lot of hot and steamy love between Bette &Tina to end up with a big bang!

      It was expected that Kevin would take Angie and i think he tries to win Tina back by making her choose between her daughter and him and Bette.

      I find him disgusting and a totally ass, a utter shame for the human race.

      Please, i beg you to update soon and make this nightmare go away and let Angie return save to her mother and Bette.

    3. I’ve been checking every now and then to see if you posted. So happy to log in and see that you did. Even happier, that you’re feeling better! Yay.

      Liah, I love your stories but I’m sooooo sick of this Kevin. He’s just an ass. What doesn’t he understand? Please fall from the face of the Earth, Kevin. Go. Away. Lol

      I know that Bette and Tina will go full on primal to protect baby Angie. I’m hoping that they will have a happy ending. It stings when they have turmoil. Can’t wait for you to update.

    4. This wasn’t a cliff hanger because I was expecting it!
      Doesn’t make it any easier to handle though!

      Glad you are feeling better.

      I really hate Kevin and hope you will post soon and get rid of him in your own talented way!

      Thanks for the post.


    5. So happy you are feeling better. OMG hot chapter! I hope Kevin gets what he deserves…a long time in jail on kidnapping charges. If he was stupid enough to throw a beer bottle through a restaurant window he is probably driving his own car and will be tracked down by police quickly! What a jerk! PPS

    6. OMG…my heart is breaking right now for poor Tina, THAT DAMN KEVIN…he has got to go!!!!! Jealousy is one thing but to take your child, that barely knows you from her mother’s home without permission out of spite is just plain as EVIL!!! He is going to pay for this dearly because to me that is indeed kidnapping. Please update soon.

      I know Tina did not know that he was that unstable or she would not have let him come around Angie. Bette is going to lose it for sure, she LOVE Angie so much too!

      All the great sexy time in the limo in the beginning of the chapter, just shocked me for the ending. I knew something was up when you started telling us how good of a babysitter Lucy is… :) All my happy vibes dashed after seeing what CrayCray Kevin plotted. DumbAzz, you can’t make somebody WANT YOU. He needs to go just DIE…just DIE!.

      But first get sweet Angie back HOME to Bette and Tina!

      Waiting on the edge of my seat! (good writing will do that :))

    7. Well, it was so expected, of course that son of a ….. took her ! what a piece of work !

      I’m glad you’re feeling better and you’re forgiven for the time between chapters. I had a lumbar spine surgery like 10 days ago and man is it hard to re accustomed yourself with new habits, physio and all !

      Anyway, I hope to read you soon !

    8. Well thank you for a chapter that went from 0 to 60 in the limo.. then down shifted so fast with kevins stupidity.. not sure it was planned but the girl opened the door .. have to say shes not a good babysitter…worried more about Tina being upset with her than to make double sure things where right with Angie. And the hundreds of dollars should have been a tip off.. kids these day lol..

      anyway.. not sure how much trouble he will get in. Some states favor the dad no matter what..if his name is on birth certificate he has rights.. sorry hope he’s just taking her to him mom because he’s not interested in Angie anyways just wants to prove his manliness to Tina. And this really helped.. Not!.. lol

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