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    When You Least Expect It – Chapter 20

    “.. She’s about this tall, here’s a picture of her”

    Bette watched from a distance as Tina spoke with one of the many police officers in the living room. She was still wearing her dress and shoes from the wrap party, her hair in complete disarray from the many times she ran a hand through the blonde locks. Her makeup was nearly gone, her cheeks instead streaked with smeared black mascara. Her eyes were puffy and red rimmed as she looked up at the officer with a desperation that broke Bette’s heart. She looked so helpless.

    Bette herself could barely believe that things had unfolded they way they did, her eyes traveling around the home that should have been a safe haven as if she were in a dream. Two other police officers occupied the room as they spoke amongst themselves, another having just exited the house with an emotional Lucy in tow.

    Bette felt sympathy towards the teenager, seeing firsthand how torn up she was about the situation. Not once did neither she nor Tina blame Lucy for what had occurred but that didn’t stop the 17-year old from repeatedly giving apologies. As much anger that flowed through Bette’s veins, she couldn’t find it in her to direct it towards Lucy. There was only one person who deserved Bette’s fury. Kevin.

    Her thoughts went to Angie, wondering where she was, if she had eaten, if she was scared. Bette clutched the stuffed bunny in her hand, squeezing the poor thing tighter than she had intended. Her eyes filled with tears as she pictured sweet little Angie in her mind, knowing full well that the little girl never went anywhere without her bunny. Whenever she was, she would surely wonder about its whereabouts and there it was .. in Bette’s hand.

    With a frustrated sigh, Bette brought the bunny up to her face in an effort to calm her growing rage. She could distantly hear Tina speaking with the officer and couldn’t help but feel as if the process was taking too long. Every second lost, was another second Kevin gained with Angie. He could be securing a hiding place, he could be leaving the state. He could be doing things Bette wouldn’t let herself imagine. The possibilities were gut-wrenchingly endless.

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    1. Way to go Tina! Glad it was a good punch, enough to knock out a filling. Bette was an ass towards Tina. Yes Tina should have told her but could she wait until a less stressful time. Thanks to both Melissa and Kevin’s mom. Can’t wait to see what happens between Jan and Melissa inthe next episode . Good chapter.

    2. Great Chapter, loved it!

      Went through all the gambits of emotion and enjoyed them all!

      So glad you didn’t leave us on a cliff hanger, thanks.

      Bette was an ass, Tina was a bad ass!

      Look forward to the next post


    3. I was putting together a bookcase when I randomly decided to see if you posted and boy was I happy you did. I put off my little project until I finished reading. So glad that Bette and Tina got past the hiccup in the beginning. Even happier that they got their baby girl back. To finally hear Bette claim Angie as her daughter was so sweet, then she called her momma. Wow! Hope the last chapter gives them the happy ending they deserve. I love your stories. Thank you for the update!

    4. Bette said her criticle, extremely vicious words to Tina out of fear & pain, but she still said ’em!!! Tina needs to tell Bette how HER wrds impacted her!!

      Wasn’t it Tina who wanted to call home several times during the course of the evening because she felt something was “wrong” but Bette told her to chill?

      • If it were me, after having my baby kidnapped and almost losing my gf, I wouldn’t focus on “who said what”. I’d just be grateful to have them in my arms again. Hurt people hurt people, but that doesn’t make it right. So they immediately apologized to each other once they reunited with baby Angie. Tina knows her partner well enough to know she didn’t truly mean it. And once again, Bette apologized. For a woman who’s known to be wrapped up in herself and typically oblivious to what’s around her— that’s progress. Heck even Tina is a little passive-aggressive. I’m proud they worked through it in their own way. ✨

    5. Whew….so glad they got Angie back from the bastard Kevin! Way to Melissa and Kevin’s Mom for stopping CRAZY from prevailing! Bette was scared and worried about Angie, BUT saying those things to Tina….It’s your FAULT were FOUL. And Tina lying to Bette and not telling her about Kevin’s drunken intention the night of your BDay dinner was FOUL too. So glad they made up and apologized and ANGIE CALLED BETTE, MAMA!

      Bye-Bye Kevin, Tina got a good punch in on that jerk…I wished it would have been Bette! Hate to see this story end. Thanks for the update.

      One more to go…huh! :)

    6. Great chapter as always. Loved your story I know yiu have one more but thank you it was very well written and full of love.. glad it all worked out and glad kevins mom is not a bad person like him.

    7. Thank god that that Angie is back in her mothers arms!

      Kevin’s mother has a good heart and seems to accept that Angie has two mothers, that is why she called the police, thanks to her and Melissa Angie was soon back.

      In fear and stress situations people, Bette, say things they don’t mean and i am so happy that Tina and her made up immediately at the airport.

      Glad that there will be one more chapter!

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