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    When You Least Expect It – Chapter 21 ((Final Chapter))

    Tina stood in the doorway of the nursery, watching Angie sleep as her ears twitched at the sound of approaching footsteps. She looked on as her daughter’s chest slowly rose and fell with each breath she took, strong pair of arms wrapping around her waist. She sighed blissfully and leaned into Bette’s touch, the brunette’s head coming to rest on her shoulder.

    “It’s so hard to leave her now” Tina spoke softly as she continued to watch the peacefully sleeping baby, unable to tear her eyes away.

    “I know” Bette replied as she looked at Angie, her mind still reeling from the nights events. “I still can’t believe what happened tonight”

    “Neither can I” Tina breathed, tears stinging her eyes as she felt herself becoming more emotional by the second. “I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my head”

    “It’s over now” Bette soothed as she wrapped her arms a little tighter around Tina, “She’s home. She’s safe. No one is ever going to take her from us again”

    “She’s going to hate us” Tina chuckled softly as her own hands covered Bette’s, “We’re going to be stuck on her like glue. She’s never going to be out without us. Not even when she goes to college”

    “Oh, without a doubt” Bette nodded her head affirmatively, “I’ll get a job with her school’s art department and we’ll move onto campus ..”

    Tina chuckled again, her smile widening when Bette placed a loving kiss on her cheek. It was silent between them for a moment, both women simply watching the sleeping baby in her crib. It was Bette who finally spoke, noticing the fatigue on her girlfriend’s face.

    “How are you?”


    Without another word Bette pulled back, taking one of Tina’s hands with her. Tina followed without protest, turning off the light in the nursery before Bette led her into their bedroom. She leaned against the door to close it, listening to the soft click as her eyes watched Bette.

    The brunette stood in the middle of the room, her back facing Tina. For a moment they remained like that, Tina against the door and Bette turned away from her. Silence enveloped them until at last the brunette spoke, her whispered words barely audible.

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    1. I must say a very big Thank you for your decision to finish this beautiful story. So – Thank you!

      So – they’ll have a boy too – it’s great final!

      And of course – waiting for new stories from you, i think they would be perfect like all that you wrote on this site!

    2. Hi Liah,

      Thank you so much for finishing this story.
      I really enjoyed it and, as usual, you made me both laugh and cry! Dare I mention the word Epilogue :-) ?

      I hope you were serious saying there will be more stories to come and look forward to them.

      Thanks again for the post.

    3. Thank you for this story. I was sitting in my office today and reading this one over again. My boss wondered what had me so enthralled lol. I love a happy Tibette ending. It’s something so special about these two. I love them. Inexplicably, because of all the challenges that come their way. They always overcome and that’s what truly matters.

    4. Love Tibette stories that show the humor & sweetness of this couple but also the maturity as evidenced when they own painful\hurtful words and trust that each one will forgive.

      Since you are definitely a “favorite” Author I gladly look 4ward to future writings!!

      God Bless and keep “living&prospering mightedly”!!!


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