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    White Heat

    Alice gaped up at Tina as she came back to the table. “What the hell was that?”

    “What?” Tina lightly shook her head and rolled her eyes to dispel Alice’s questions.

    “That…that..” she pointed at the bar. “Tina! What the hell are you drinking?”

    “What? I’m not doing anythiinng,” Tina’s slight drawl stretching out the word.

    Alice, for once, felt speechless as she looked at her friend who was gazing across the room at Bette. After a few seconds of watching Tina, she leaned over and grabbed Tina’s hand. “Be careful, Tina. Bette and Jodi are working things out. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

    Tina recalled Alice’s words as she rested her head against the raft’s pillow. But her mind effortlessly wandered to Bette’s body that night. The clingy red top ruched in all the right places. The way her black bra, visible from where Tina stood next to her, hugged her sexy chest. She undid her own bikini top when she thought of Bette’s naked breasts, how they would fit in her hands, the taste of her nipple under her tongue, how her pink lips looked around the mocha skin as Tina would take her all in. Her hands drifted over the water as if they were gliding over Bette’s body. As she heard Bette exiting the kitchen she tilted her torso just a bit so Bette would see her ass and naked back when she came out. Tina giggled into the raft.

    What am I doing?

    Bette stopped and took a step back when she saw Tina’s glorious body shimmering under the sun. Her blonde hair falling loosely over her tanned back. Her back so muscular and smooth, Bette couldn’t help but imagine running her tongue down Tina’s spine, dipping into her back dimples, letting her teeth pull the black bikini bottoms down to her thighs before biting the creamy ass cheeks.

    Bette closed her eyes and jostled her head as she sat down to squash the rising desire. She aimlessly flipped through a magazine, but with Tina floating in her peripheral she decided to sit on the edge of the pool. She adjusted her tank top a bit before Tina floated back around.

    She could see Tina smiling, eyelids fluttering, her foot twirling in the air. Her hands skimmed the water. Bette wondered what she may be thinking about.


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