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    “There is nowhere else on earth I would rather be “Tina replied honestly
    Bette followed Angie who had taken hold of Tina’s hand and lead her through to the room where the picture was resting on a seat. Bette loved the picture – it had brought her to tears several times already – and it would always have that effect on her. She was really fascinated to know what reaction it would stir in Angie’s other mom.
    Bette also needed thinking time – she had not expected Tina to show up – but there had been a tiny grain of fantasy that hoped she would. Carrie had ended the engagement – and she had done so because of Bette. Bette did feel bad – but not as bad as she should
    Tina was blown away by the picture – she cried – she hugged Angie – she cried more, and ten minutes passed as Marcus’s picture of his biological daughter had totally taken over the thoughts of the three women.
    “I cannot wait to show this to Carrie “Angie said
    The comment dropped like an atmosphere bomb
    “Eh “Tina looked at Bette and at Angie
    “The wedding is off “
    “WHAT – MOM – NO “
    Tears started in Tina’s eyes
    “Oh mom -no – that sucks “
    Angie grabbed her mom and hugged her tight. Tina was sobbing and Bette felt bad for not feeling bad enough. She backed out of the room and went back into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took a bottle of water and took a long refreshing drink. Bette desperately needed to get her feelings into some sort of order. Shane’s words kept swimming through her mind

    Well, it was now and holy fuck the last few hours had changed both their lives. Did Tina want her back? That was the question – Bette didn’t need an answer to the question “DO YOU STILL LOVE ME “Tina did love Bette – Bette had seen it in Tina’s eyes for brief flashes in the past few weeks. But those flashes had been so brief that it had been easy for her to dismiss the clues – she could mistake them for the love they shared as parents to a truly amazing daughter.
    But in Dana’s only a couple of hours ago she had seen it – she could not have seen it any more clearly than if it had been on a 50ft billboard. Tina loved Bette – she would always love her – she might not always like Bette, but she would always love her.
    That had been the first blow to the solar plexus – the second had been the instant she had known that the scene between the former married couple had been witnessed not just by Carrie but by Pippa.
    Just like Carrie’s words had been final – she would never forgive Tina for what she had heard – and Pippa would never forget the scene. Neither relationship was salvageable – both relationships had hit icebergs of Titanic proportions.
    Bette removed her earrings and dropped them into the pocket of her jacket – she went upstairs quickly and got changed into casual grey slacks and a comfortable black shirt. She left her make-up on – she didn’t have time to remove it before she went back downstairs and went to see how Tina and Angie were getting on. Tina was sitting alone staring at the painting of Marcus
    “Where is she ?”

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    1. Yes, Allyemmerson is back!!! I certainly didn’t forget you, i wished for your return! When i saw a notification in Twitter i dropped what i was doing and immediately began reading your new masterpiece!.

      Let them being honest and finally sort their issues only to be stronger then ever as a happy couple.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

    2. Yes!! Ally is back in the house! I’ve so missed your stories that I’ve been back over and over your old ones. So glad to have a new one to pour over and to give us loyal Tibetters something to cheer in the wake of the dreadful Generation Q. Hope you’ve managed to stay safe and well up there in the North. Great start. and thank you for returning.

    3. Hey Ally,

      Welcome back – we certainly missed you!!

      You have me hooked – I’m game – Tibette forever!!!

      Nice chapter & love the way you present the proper version on this Scene!

      Thank you

    4. Wow,Ally… welcome back!
      I have missed you and your amazing stories. I loved this piece as i was something we Tibetters have wished for. If only we could replace the writers with some of our favorite LesFan writers, we could have an incredible season 3 with much better stories.
      Keep up with your amazing writing and i look forward to your next installment.

    5. Nice chapter…. nice beginning… I’m not sure these two should assume that this is the new beginning at this point. Perhaps the beginning of the beginning. Both are really still in so much pain from what has happened and I see testing the waters to see what the temperature is always a good idea. Its only been hours since the events have unfolded. I know Bette wants to go big. But this cannot be a successful attempt unless both are onboard. And the question is not “Are you still in love with me?” But are you finished with Carrie or Pippa as the case may be? Are you truly ready to make that choice? Do you want to give it a few days and talk this through before we make this decision? A new beginning is difficult and almost impossible without true closure on the possibilities of the pervious relationship. That has been the difficulties for Bette over the past three years now. It has been a year since the election was lost. Bette has never truly had closure with Tina. So they owe it to themselves for each of them to: Tina with Carrie and Bette with Pippa to have closure before they move into a true relationship with each other… I cannot see them building this new relationship without knowing that the other is for certain, this is what they want. And Tina is to me a huge question mark.

      Thanks for the chapter…. I do want to see these two together. But it must be on solid ground and with a good and solid foundation. They are both capable of that…at least they were 12 years ago…

      Hope you can write another chapter and continue this conversation.

    6. Ally: It is with great fondness that I reacquaint myself with your lovely stories. I have missed your portrayal of Bette and Tina and look forward with great affection for you to continue the story. Keep them coming.

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