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    “Making me some tea and she wants to feed me “
    “When did you last eat?”
    “I don’t remember “
    Bette sat down on a different chair and focused on the picture
    “I am showing his work as my next show”
    “I had lunch with his brother today “
    Had that only been a few hours ago? Again, Bette was blown away by how much could happen in one 24-hour period
    “I am sure you will do an amazing job “
    “I am touched to have been asked “
    There was a silent
    “Some fucking day “Bette said after a few minutes
    “Yes “
    “Fuck “Bette said
    “Exactly “Tina said
    “Have you managed to talk to “Bette started but trailed off as Angie came in carrying a cup of tea for Tina. Angie stayed for a few minutes, but Bette could tell that their daughter had witnessed enough tense situations between her mothers to recognise another of those moments and she was wise enough to get the hell of the space.
    “I am going to do some homework “she said finally
    Bette suspected that there was no homework, but it was an excuse that would allow her to exit without any embarrassment. She hugged Tina before heading upstairs – no doubt to call Jordi and tell her the latest development.
    Left alone Bette got up and moved the picture so it was visible but not dominating the room. Bette poured herself a scotch and fixed a vodka and tonic and handed it to Tina.
    “I shouldn’t “
    “After the day we have had you need it “
    Tina started as if to object but nodded
    “Yeah – what a fucking day “Tina agreed
    Bette sat down and faced her
    “Where do we start?” Bette asked
    “What exactly did Shane say to you?”
    Bette sipped her scotch “That Carrie was having second and third thoughts about getting married “
    “Because of you?”
    “She wasn’t just drunk after the charity night – she was smashed out of her head. I didn’t really see her – after my run in with her I left with Pippa. Tess and Shane drove her back – Shane said she was maudlin – and she kept saying that she couldn’t marry you “
    “And no one thought to fucking well tell me?” Tina snapped
    “You think I knew?”
    “Did you?”
    “No – Shane told me this afternoon – ironically when we were looking for wedding gifts. We were talking about Tess and Shane, and she turned it back on me “
    Tina smiled “Yodah strikes again “
    “Shane wasn’t going to say anything – Tess was telling her that she should. When it came up today – it came out “
    “I am going to have to talk to Shane “
    “Its not her fault “
    “Shane has been our friend for two decades – you would think that she would say something to me “
    Bette agreed – what would have happened if Shane hadn’t said anything – would Carrie and Tina’s wedding have happened? would she have stood by and watched the love of her life marry someone else?
    “I guess we will never know “Bette replied
    “Carrie has this amazing PA – she had cancelled everything in about an hour and when I went back to the house, she was packing her stuff – she handed me the ring “
    Tina pulled it out of her pocket and stared at it in her hand
    “I am sorry “Bette said
    “Are you? are you really sorry? “Tina’s voice took on a colder tone
    Well, that was the million-dollar question – was she sorry
    “I am sorry you are hurting “Bette replied
    “But you are not sorry that Carrie has ended our engagement?”
    “Well, if I said yes, you would call me a liar wouldn’t you “
    “Yes, I would “
    “And if I said, were you sorry that Pippa witnessed the whole scene and has made it obvious, I am history?”
    There was a silence
    “I am sorry you are hurting, and I know you are “
    “I am hurt – you are hurt “
    “Is there no way back with Pippa ?”
    Bette shook her head “No – I know her well enough by now to know that when it comes to being stubborn she makes me look moderate “
    Tina sipped her drink
    “How the fuck did we get here ?”
    Bette was going to say one thing but the words of Angie came to her mind
    This was not the time for her to retreat behind glib comments and things that she would admit to other people – this was Tina. This was her go big moment
    “Because you love me – you have loved me for almost 25 years and I love you and I have loved you for the same period of time. We don’t always get on and not one has hurt me like you can – and the same for you. But fucking hell Tina – we belong together. Carrie and Pippa never had a chance – it always comes back to us “
    Bette had half expected an outburst from Tina – an accusation that she had sabotaged her relationship with Carrie. Instead Tina showed her tiredness and emotion – there were tears in her eyes
    “So what now ?”
    “I don’t know – I swear I didn’t engineer any of this – I might not be exactly heart broken but I hate to see you hurting and I know that you are hurt “
    “What the fuck are we going to do Bette “
    GO BIG
    “I want you “ Bette said softly
    Tina finished her vodka and got up and poured herself a refill. She paced around the room for a few minutes. Bette could see that Tina was as confused as she was.

    “When we have got together in the past we have never really addressed our problems “
    “I know “
    Tina paced more – finally she sat down opposite her former wife
    “Okay – do you want me back ?”
    “You need to ask “
    “Do you want me back – lets not assume anything – humour me “
    “Ask me “ Bette smiled
    “Do you want me back ?”
    “I love you – I will always love you and I want you back “

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    1. Yes, Allyemmerson is back!!! I certainly didn’t forget you, i wished for your return! When i saw a notification in Twitter i dropped what i was doing and immediately began reading your new masterpiece!.

      Let them being honest and finally sort their issues only to be stronger then ever as a happy couple.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

    2. Yes!! Ally is back in the house! I’ve so missed your stories that I’ve been back over and over your old ones. So glad to have a new one to pour over and to give us loyal Tibetters something to cheer in the wake of the dreadful Generation Q. Hope you’ve managed to stay safe and well up there in the North. Great start. and thank you for returning.

    3. Hey Ally,

      Welcome back – we certainly missed you!!

      You have me hooked – I’m game – Tibette forever!!!

      Nice chapter & love the way you present the proper version on this Scene!

      Thank you

    4. Wow,Ally… welcome back!
      I have missed you and your amazing stories. I loved this piece as i was something we Tibetters have wished for. If only we could replace the writers with some of our favorite LesFan writers, we could have an incredible season 3 with much better stories.
      Keep up with your amazing writing and i look forward to your next installment.

    5. Nice chapter…. nice beginning… I’m not sure these two should assume that this is the new beginning at this point. Perhaps the beginning of the beginning. Both are really still in so much pain from what has happened and I see testing the waters to see what the temperature is always a good idea. Its only been hours since the events have unfolded. I know Bette wants to go big. But this cannot be a successful attempt unless both are onboard. And the question is not “Are you still in love with me?” But are you finished with Carrie or Pippa as the case may be? Are you truly ready to make that choice? Do you want to give it a few days and talk this through before we make this decision? A new beginning is difficult and almost impossible without true closure on the possibilities of the pervious relationship. That has been the difficulties for Bette over the past three years now. It has been a year since the election was lost. Bette has never truly had closure with Tina. So they owe it to themselves for each of them to: Tina with Carrie and Bette with Pippa to have closure before they move into a true relationship with each other… I cannot see them building this new relationship without knowing that the other is for certain, this is what they want. And Tina is to me a huge question mark.

      Thanks for the chapter…. I do want to see these two together. But it must be on solid ground and with a good and solid foundation. They are both capable of that…at least they were 12 years ago…

      Hope you can write another chapter and continue this conversation.

    6. Ally: It is with great fondness that I reacquaint myself with your lovely stories. I have missed your portrayal of Bette and Tina and look forward with great affection for you to continue the story. Keep them coming.

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