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    After the Kiss: Chapters 14 & 15 The Parent Trap

    Tina – Umm … are you sure?

    Meg – Yes! Your dad plays golf, doesn’t he? He can play with Brad.

    Tina – The problem is that I don’t have much free time, Goldie. The movie is wrapping up and I have lots of things going on right now. I have to work all day Saturday.

    Meg – Well, then you bring them here and stay for as long as you can. I’ll take care of them!

    Tina smiles broadly.

    Tina – Will you? Oh, you are a lifesaver!

    Meg – Of course! Just bring them Saturday morning.

    Tina – Great! I will. Talk to you later, Goldie! Say hi to Brad.

    Meg – Talk to you later, Belle! He will miss Eric.

    Tina – I know …

    She sighs sadly.


    The Planet, morning: Alice and Marina are sitting in their usual spot when Bette comes in with a grin on her face.

    Bette – Morning, ladies!

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    Alice – What’s got into you?

    The gallery owner sits down.

    Bette – What?

    Alice – I’ve never seen you this cheerful before your morning coffee.

    Bette – Haven’t you noticed? It’s a beautiful day!

    Alice – Hmm…

    She turns to the café owner.

    Alice – … which means that she either got her hands on a beautiful piece of art or … woman!

    Bette smirks and Marina nods, smiling.

    Alice – Am I right?!

    The gallery owner winks.

    Bette – Something like that …

    She stands up and heads to the counter to get some coffee.

    Alice – Yep, I can read her like a book!


    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is working at her desk when Kathy comes in smiling, holding an elegant gift box and a card.

    Kathy – Tina, this arrived for you. Eric is such a romantic!

    The producer looks surprised.

    Tina – Thanks, Kathy!

    Kathy – You’re welcome!

    She leaves and the blonde opens the gift to find a single red rose. She turns to the card with curiosity and opens it.

    Counting the seconds …                   


    Her mouth drops.

    Tina – Oh my God …

    She whispers with fascination and holds the rose against her nose, breathing in its scent with closed eyes. Her face turns into a grin with the realization that the practical, unromantic woman that she always was has completely melted because of a simple red rose. She can’t contain herself and laughs out loud.


    1. Hi dbff,

      Great chapter to read!

      Tina is really a woman on mission when she knows what she want: Bette!

      They are both so smitten with each other and no one of their friends and in Tina’s case, her parents have a clue. Smart move from Tina to advice her parents to visit Bette’s gallery, but maybe they will be mad at both of them when they learn B&T were already involved.

      I hope you will take time for your self when you are so busy!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Lovely chapter… Tina is really driven and being bold. Unlike most stories of their first meeting, Tina knows what she wants and responses to her body and not to her fears and background. She just goes with her desires and Bette is ready and willing. This is an amazing scene. Would love to see more but I know you have other things up and coming. Write when you can and we will be as patient as we can….

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