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    After the Kiss: Chapters 14 & 15 The Parent Trap

    From her desk in the adjoining room, Kathy hears her laughter and smiles.


    Bette’s office, morning: James knocks on the door and pops his head in.

    James – Bette, a phone call from a Tina Kennard. She says it is personal. Will you take it?

    Her face lights up.

    Bette – Yes!

    She picks up the phone and places her hand on the speaker.

    Bette – Uh … James?

    James – Yes?

    Bette – From now on, I will be answering all phone calls from Tina. You don’t need to ask. And please give her name to security. She can come in anytime.

    James – OK.

    She waits for James to leave and a smile appears on her face.

    Bette – Good Morning!

    Tina is at her office desk gazing at the rose in her hand. She smiles at the sound of the brunette’s voice.

    Tina – Morning! (pause) I received your rose … and I loved it!

    Bette grins and leans back on her chair.

    Bette – You did …?

    The blonde sighs, her voice low and sensual. 

    Tina – It is so beautiful, so …

    She caresses her cheek with the rose.

    Tina – … soft …

    She brings the rose to her nose and inhales.

    Tina – … and it smells …

    She closes her eyes.

    Tina – … amazing …

    The brunette closes her eyes, her voice silky, seductive.

    Bette – Just like you …

    Tina – Mmm … have I told you that you have the sexiest voice?

    The gallery owner chuckles delighted.

    Tina – And an irresistible chuckle?

    Bette’s voice turns deeper, full of desire.

    Bette – Have I told you that you have the softest skin …

    The blonde caresses her face with the rose.

    Bette – … and the sweetest lips?

    Tina – Mmmm … no, you do.

    Bette – I want to see you, Tina.

    Tina opens her eyes and sighs.

    Tina – I know! I want to see you too …

    Kathy comes into the room, startling her. She drops the rose on her desk and sits up straight, before speaking into the phone.

    Tina – A second.

    Kathy – The attorneys are here.

    The producer nods.

    Tina – Give me a minute!

    Her assistant leaves.

    Tina – Hey, I have a meeting waiting.

    The gallery owner sighs.

    Bette – Sure …

    Tina – We will talk later, OK?

    Bette – OK.

    She smiles.


    1. Hi dbff,

      Great chapter to read!

      Tina is really a woman on mission when she knows what she want: Bette!

      They are both so smitten with each other and no one of their friends and in Tina’s case, her parents have a clue. Smart move from Tina to advice her parents to visit Bette’s gallery, but maybe they will be mad at both of them when they learn B&T were already involved.

      I hope you will take time for your self when you are so busy!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Lovely chapter… Tina is really driven and being bold. Unlike most stories of their first meeting, Tina knows what she wants and responses to her body and not to her fears and background. She just goes with her desires and Bette is ready and willing. This is an amazing scene. Would love to see more but I know you have other things up and coming. Write when you can and we will be as patient as we can….

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