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    After the Kiss: Chapters 3 & 4 Nice and Easy

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – Lately … not much … because of our current project. Not much free time!

    Bette – Movie or TV?

    Tina – Movie. (pause) But I like jogging in the morning, when I can find the time … which is mainly on weekends these days.

    The brunette nods.

    Bette – I like jogging on weekends too, but not in the morning.

    The blonde smiles teasingly.

    Tina – Are you a sleepyhead on weekends?

    Bette – Um … probably yes.

    She smiles.

    Bette – Besides, my friends like to meet for brunch on weekends. And they definitely don’t like jogging!

    Tina chuckles.

    Tina – Brunches are a very good reason to skip jogging! (pause) Where do you generally go?

    Bette – The place I told you about … the coffeeshop in my neighborhood.

    Tina – Ahh … your home away from home!

    Bette – You could say that. We like to hang out there often.

    Tina – Where is this magical place?

    Bette –West Hollywood. (pause) The Planet … have you heard?

    The blonde shakes her head.

    Tina – No. I live more to the East.

    Bette nods.

    Bette – Well … as I said, they have great coffee! (pause) You should stop by sometime …

    Tina – I’m more of a tea person.

    Bette – They have that too!

    She smiles.

    Alice – Bette!

    The two women turn around and see that almost everyone is already seated at the dinner table, Eric being distracted across the room in an animated conversation with another man. The brunette turns to the blonde and makes an inviting gesture.  

    Bette – Shall we?

    Tina smiles and makes her way to the table followed by the gallery owner.


    Alice – Marina, how many women here are …

    Bette – I mentioned The Planet to her …

    She mutters to herself.

    Alice – Eh?

    Bette looks up and sees Alice and Marina staring at her.

    Bette – Uh … we were talking about coffee … and I told Tina how good your coffee is.

    Marina – Thanks! It’s always good to get new customers.

    Bette – How long did she stay?

    Alice – Oh, just a few minutes.

    Marina – She asked about you.


    1. I like this story. Tina is beginning to see her dissatisfaction with Eric. And Meg? She wants Tina to marry someone to be friends with her husband so she can have time to talk to her BFF? That’s a bit selfish isn’t it? Hopefully Meg is a better friend than that. Well can’t wait to see how this acquaintance between Bette and Tina goes.

      Great chapters …hungry for more.

    2. Hi dbff!

      So glad you’re picking up this story again! I definitely remember it and can recall what happens at the party but I can’t remember if the entire story was finished or not. Anyways, can’t wait for the next posts!!

    3. Hi Dbff:

      Wonderful story, and a very nice chapter.

      I see how hard Tina is fighting her homosexuality and attraction for Bette, that happens many, many times, and can go good for open-mind people who decide to live their lives and be honest with themselves without hiding from the rest of the world, and it can go bad for the ones who decide to live a double life or even worst to fight the ones that had the strength of coming-out.

      Anyway, Tina is in a ‘spiral collision course’ with her destiny, the future love of her life.

      Nice move Bette, so smart to invite Eric and Tina, Bette is cornering the blonde, and let’s see or rather, read what you will write in your next chapter.

      Very nice DBFF, please post soon.


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