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    I hadn’t considered all this being a thing but, upon reflection. Damn it’s definitely been happening. Yes, this life is definitely a Thing.

    Bette dipped into her bag to pull out some cash to tip the delivery-men who’d brought and installed the special machine she’d put a special order in for. My former life, not a Thing. Not for a good long while.

    One of them held the new glass door that had been installed a few days earlier as the other one handed Bette his phone, mouthing “my boss is on the phone and wants to have a last word with you.”

    He coughed to clear his throat as the prettiest young woman proprietor he’d ever dealt with blow a breath out impatiently, check the time on her expensive-looking vintage watch on her slim wrist, and then motion to him to hand her the phone.

    “Hi,” a man with a mirthful voice tinged with an Italian accent greeted Bette cheerfully. “I just wanted to know whether you’re happy with the machine, the install , and everything? Did the guys answer all your questions?”

    Oh yeah, this guy was the nice man who’d been patient with her when she called in a panic the afternoon she’d closed on the two -story building.

    “Yeah, thanks, and thanks for helping me get this done.”

    The man on the phone sounded sympathetic. “Well, when you put your order in you were really on edge, almost panicked, and we just wanted to do our best for you…”

    Bette rolled her shoulders slowly, trying to work the kinks out. It feels like a lifetime since I’ve had a good massage. Even my face needs one, at this point, what with everything that’s happened lately. Aahh, that last massage I got though… I wonder if I can convince that Japanese woman and her team of masseuse to come here? Give me a face massage, back massage, body massage. So, ok she only takes so many appointments a year. And, yeah, she only takes appointments in Paris, London, and Tokyo. Which makes the waiting list for her massages depressingly long. Great. So what could I say to convince her to come to Montana? OMG have I lost my mind? Make her give up London and Paris? There is no way she’ll ever come out here. I mean, she doesn’t even want to come New York!  “Well, this whole thing has been pretty intense, I had a million things to do and no time to do it all. So, I was hard on everyone, not just you.” She paused as a twinge of pain shot up her neck from the knot of muscles bunched around her shoulders.

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    1. Skydancer, thank you for the update.

      I was certain you would bring Tina in the café to meet Bette. But maybe it is Tina and she had to change her name too and needed to hide.

      Lena or Tina doesn’t matter at the,moment, Bette can use some tender loving to reliesh her stress.

      • Nice chapter, skydancer. In some email exchanges with @Jacky, she’s passed on to me that she doesn’t expect, nor want writers to self-censor. Just write what you want and let the chips fall where they may. Gotta love that woman. I would just avoid keywords that would be caught by any sniffer. I’m sure you have an idea of what words might attract attention. Other than that, I say bring on the TLC!

    2. Really like this so far. If not mistaken, in the first chapter, I believe that I read that a film crew would be in the area very soon. So if you didn’t change Tinas’ occupation, then that is when she will show up. Right? Must go back and read that first chapter for some clarification of all this. Thanks for sharing. Can hardly wait for Tina to appear.

      • Hi @Jane, I was referring to warning or instructions you see when you start to post a new chapter or story. The warning is new, and informs you that Google is screening for mature content in the text, not just in pics that are posted. Since the site relies on Google providing a platform for it (I think), I took it seriously. I also took it to mean Google is screening other posted chapters (and I’ve posted a bunch of chapters with sexy scenes, so ….). But @Jacky is saying not to worry, so, I guess that means I can (?) does that clear it up for you?

    3. Hmmm, very, very interesting. Our favorite girls having to survive in a Red State, living underground, and communicating thru code! Sort of like life right now! Again. Please keep writing so I can relive this

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