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    How Do You Like It?

    This is what it is to be both incomplete and at the farthest point from who you were: you disappear into the skin of a stranger, yet it feels – normal. You’re unsettled, at first. But you think, “This is a nice change of pace.”

    Then it gets old. And you go back to being incomplete, and a stranger, besides, even unto yourself.

    Wispy clouds hung low, draping like a gauzy cape over the shoulders of the colossal mountain range that hovered over the valley like a phalanx of Olympian sentries. Dawn was just breaking and, for the first time since moving to this Montana town, Bette genuinely felt a tug, a psychic rope, almost, like the one that used to pull her home after her usual early-morning run around Golden Gate Park. Home. Throat raw, muscles locked, sluggish, and screaming from a punishing eight mile run down rough trails, over hill and dale, and through the surrounding meadow, Bette felt that tug as she re-entered town. Her sense of relief was overwhelming as she spied the lights beaming out from second floor rooms above her new café, guiding her back. Calling her home.

    She’d run past farms that lined the country roads, full of round bales of wheat straw, and where farmers had been busy already with chores this crisp early summer morning; past people who’d seen her drive up and down these country roads over the past month, but were seemingly too pre-occupied to acknowledge her as she ran by.

    She wasn’t surprised that they looked the other way or kept their heads down when they saw her approach, swiftly running downhill, or keeping an easy lope as she ran uphill. Even those who had to at least know of her by now didn’t look her way. Some even knew her name, having been introduced by others when she’d done business with locals around town. No matter; they all ignored her as she ran by.

    She couldn’t help but think she would’ve been treated differently if she’d been closer to who they were, rather than being unmistakeably who she was. Would they have treated someone else who’d poured as much money into the local economy the same as they’d been treating her? No, they wouldn’t. Bette knew she somehow fell into the category of the quintessential other, the very definition of an outsider, almost from the moment she set foot on this town. Far more of an outsider than tourists who’d driven or bused into town, on their way to or from Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons. Kept at a distance even further than they kept urbanites from either the East or West coast who’d been touring this part of the American West.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Finally Tina is coming to town and will be fierce competition to Lena for the attention of Bette.

      But knowing you skydancer and that i believe you wrote in the first chapter that your Tina is or was married to Henry, it will take awhile before they will become a couple.

      Skydancer, i really love your style, how you tell your story.

      Thanks for the update!

      • skydancer says

        Hi @Bibi,
        Thanks!!! I wanted to say I do appreciate your remarks and your good taste 😊 (he-he) in giving your thumbs-up to my style.
        You’re right, I do like to have the characters move the story along, and to have them find their own reasons to get involved with someone. Yes, it does take time, but the characters can’t be rushed, as you know. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy this one as they take us along in their journey.

        Happy Holidays!

    2. skydancer says

      I’m doing what I can to make it smooth even as I try to understand the issues that are really getting to me as I write, since filtering out the real WTFs — an expanding, worrisome list — is becoming nearly impossible. If it gets a bit much in this book, holler please. Am glad you all are liking things, so far.

      Btw— i’m having a hard time writing Lena out, since she’s based on an actual, compelling, woman, so Bette is going to have to struggle, too. Only fair, I think.

    3. Dr. A says

      Am enjoying your “Runner” series tremendously….even though I was becoming
      a bit lost in the opening scenario of investment jargon. I love the way you
      have come up with yet another incarnation for Bette and how she meets Tina.
      Please post this soon! Can’t wait to see how this triad (Bette-Lena-Tina) plays
      out! Thanks for sharing your stories.

    4. Dainty says

      Can hardly wait for them to meet, will sparks fly immediately, I certainly hope so. Lena is being intrusive and taking liberties and advantage of the situation . Don’t much care for people like that. Hopefully our Tina will be just about the hottest thing Bette has seen in a long time and vice-versa. Hope Tina and her crew will be spending a lot of time in that hamlet and just push Lena right out of the picture. She will find that she is not the “be all to end all” for Bette. But hopefully Tina will wear that crown real soon. Great update. Thanks for posting.

    5. SassyGran says

      Can I just be lazy and say ‘Ditto’ to all the above comments, please!!!

      Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year and hope you will celebrate 2018 by posting us a new update.

      Thanks for your posts, love your stories and the way you write. Looking forward to my favourite couple being together again in your post.


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