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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 3: THE JOB

    Bette: “I’ll tell James to be in the interview.”

    Kit: “it’s your job, Bette.”

    Bette: (sighing) “look…, I’ll try, okay.”

    Kit: “fine I hope you’ll really do it.”


    Lincoln Square, West Side


    Five days have passed from the review of documents and here they are on the day of the interviews. Ten candidates have been selected and all of them are already waiting outside of Alice’s office in Human Resources. Inside, Alice is on the phone trying to find Bette, who would supposedly be there for the interviews.

    Bette: “oh…, hi Al, what’s up?”

    Alice: “I’m waiting for you.”

    Bette: “do we have an appointment?”

    Alice: “yes, today is the interview of the candidates for the three positions.”

    Bette: “I wasn’t gonna be there, I told you.”

    Alice: “you said you’ll try”

    Bette: “I know, sorry Alice, I’m trying to make a case against my father”

    Alice: “yes, you said that, but this interview it’s your job, Bette.”

    Bette: “who said that, my sister?”

    Alice: “no, it’s the truth, what’s wrong with you?”

    Bette: “I’m busy… and on vacations…, two beautiful ladies in bikini are waiting for me in the pool.”

    Alice: “isn’t Shane with you?”

    Bette: “okay, Al, I’m not gonna go there.”

    Alice: “fine I’ll postpone the interviews.”

    Bette: “fuck, Al…, fine I’ll be there, but you can start now, okay.”

    Alice: “okay…”

    Alice looks at the door and using the intercom called James.

    Alice: “James, be ready, finally Bette is in her way here, but we can start, bring the first candidate.”

    The time passed and already five candidates have been interviewed, from the three previously selected only one, Jane, has been already evaluated. In the lobby, Tina and Dana are waiting for their turns while the sixth candidate has entered to Alice’s office.

    Dana: (whispering) “all the others look very strong candidates, I’m not gonna be chosen.”

    Tina: “why you say that you are very smart and capable.”

    Dana: “I don’t have my Ph.D.”

    Tina: “that is not a requirement, they want skills and some graduate experience or studies and you have that.”

    Dana: “but the others have more merits than me.”

    Tina: “how do you know?”

    Dana: “I don’t, but…”

    Tina: “stop, Dana, put yourself together and do what you know, remember, in Inventions and Patents you did all Amber’s work, and she signed your designs as if they were hers, you’re very prepared and you are intelligent, just be calm.”

    At that moment James came from the office and called Dana.

    Dana: “I’ll wait for you at the door of the building.”

    Tina: “yes, please.”

    The time kept passing, the candidates that were interviewed left Alice’s office using a back door, in the way that they never cross paths with the ones waiting inside; after Dana left, Alice checked her watch.

    Alice: “where the hell is Bette?”

    James: “do you want me to call her?”

    Alice didn’t want to call Bette again, because this time it won’t be nice, she was really mad and Bette probably would be also angry, so she decided to use James.”

    Alice: “yes, please call and tell Bette that we are waiting for her.”

    They made a little break, while James called; after five minutes he came back.

    James: “Bette is close to here, but the traffic is jam, she’ll be here in 10 minutes.”

    Alice was making time, she had made a promise to Kit, she won’t tell Bette her apprehensions and suspicious but she wants her friend to know, to see by herself the scenario, who is this Christina Kennard…? Is this blonde related to Bette’s mother…? Why Kid is keeping this candidate in secrecy…? So, she called the rest of the candidates, leaving Tina at the end. It has passed almost one hour and Bette hasn’t come, so, Alice has no choice.

    Alice: “James, bring Christina Kennard.”

    As Tina entered, and James closed the door, Bette arrived at the lobby and asked the secretary about the evaluation process.

    Bette: “hi, Sadie, how is the evaluation going?”

    Sadie: “they were waiting for you, the last candidate is inside, do you want me to announce you?”





      • Hi Martha:

        I’m very glad that you liked this chapter, believe me, I’m not going to wait one month to post the next one, it will be just 2 weeks, I should post around October 11 (one or two days before or after).

        I also hope the Tina and Bette will face each other soon, they almost met in the subway.

        But as you have read, I’m building the scene of what will happen in the next chapters.

        I hope to keep you guys entertained in the rest of the story.

        Thanks again for your comments, those are always very important for us, the writers.


    1. P.
      Length of chapter is fine…..length to me is not a factor. Write the story as you see appropriate and do not worry about length of the chapters. A long chapter helps when you are waiting for the next installment.

      • Hi Zhenya:

        I know, barely you find a writer that wants to post a shorter chapter; but, what happens is that I made myself a vow, for this story, of posting chapters no longer of 20 pages, and so far I have failed, all my chapters are a bit longer.

        But I will have to adapt.

        Thank you for following this story, I hope not to disappoint.

        Thanks again.


      • Hola Escorpion:

        Me alegra que te siga gustando la historia, a mi tambien me gustan los capitulos largos, ojala que tengas paciencia para esperar el encuentro the Tina y Bette y para gozar de su romance y sus aventuras.

        Muchas gracias por leer y comentar.


    2. Hi proteonomics,

      Never apologize for the lenght of this chapter!!!!

      It was a really intersting chapter, there is always a lot going on in your stories, and i am trying to find and absord all the clues. But i think i am over looking some of the clues or are not able to put them together. Damn my age 😁

      I love the flashbacks both Tina and Bette have, they answer slowly little by little what happened ten years ago.

      So much mysterie that you will slowly reveal to us. Look forward to that!

      So they will finally meet again! They were so close at the subway!

      I look forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Hi, my friend.

        Thanks for your encouraging words.

        Well here is also some clues, but perhaps some of them are evident and you already know what is coming.

        Yes, the flashbacks are enlightening about what happened 10 years ago; it’s hard to understand how a meeting, friendship and falling in love of only one day, may change our lives; when sometimes you know people for a while and they barely influence our life.

        And they were so close in the subway as you pointed, but sometimes, things take a little longer than we expect.

        But don’t be disappointed, just one thing, next chapter you will see a picture for the first meeting (well I hope I’ll make a nice picture).

        Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.


    3. Hey P. I dont mind of the long stories. In fact i luv em.

      “and when Louise and Mabel find out about her, please don’t force the encounters, let them find each other slowly” Are Tina n Louise related? And the fact that Tina n Louise have the same looks. So i assume that they r related.

      • Hi AReader:

        Great, very smart, you found a very important clue; I thought nobody noticed.

        Yes, they are related but why Louise didn’t recognize Tina in the clinic? (chapter 1 and 2) and why Kit has to keep Tina hidden? (and Why M is asking her that?) and Bette tried to be with Louise because she resembles Randy (for God sake, Louise was smart enough to avoid that catastrophe)

        Of course, there is an answer, you may discover that by my clues or perhaps in a few chapters.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


    4. proteonomics:

      It’s a very attempted chapter, also very good! The interaction between Alex and Randy was pure love, they seemed so at ease with each other, you do have a great choice of words, please don’t hesitate to write more pages for them.

      As for Bette and Tina in the present, I really do hope that these two people meet soon, it was clear that they are still loving each other but they didn’t know the other are still alive. These must be lots of readers waiting to see them meet in this chapter but well, another cliffhanger and another chapter to wait.

      But I’ll be patient, for me, I think the pace is slow but very focus and full of details, by the talk between Bette and her friends and sisters, we could know how the person she turns into. And how she tries to prove herself. As for Tina, she’s a worrier, she really do fight a lots by herself. I just hope that when they meet, they would not be so shock about the news.

      Will Bette be on time? Hmm…I hope so, but for the chapter and the picture to look like, I don’t think she’ll make it, you always give out surprises and it’s make the story so good and so different than others.

      Please post soon and long chapter is always the best! Thanks for the great story!


      • Hi CJ:

        Yes, cliffhangers are my skill (😂😂😂).

        We’ll see more of Randy and Alex in the next chapters, but at a certain point, I have to focus more on the new drama, anyway, the romance will continue in current days.

        Yes, you’re right in your second paragraph, but, I’ll make them meet in the next chapter (whatever it takes).

        You descrived Bette and Tina in this story very well, Bette the negotiator (mediation committee) and Tina as you already found, is like a warrior.

        Yes, indeed it will be many surprises in the next chapter (stay tune 🤣🤣🤣).

        Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.


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