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    Can we get it back – Chapter 3

    “Sure sweetie. I’ll call your school tomorrow morning and let them know you won’t be there tomorrow.” Bette says as she places a kiss on Angie’s forehead. Angie keeps clinging onto her mama B.

    “Does mama T know?” Angie carefully asks.

    “No, she doesn’t, only you and Shane and my doctor knows.” She replies. “And I don’t want you to tell her either.” Bette adds.

    “Why not?” Angie asks looking up at her mom.

    “Because she has made her choice sweetie. And I don’t want to burden her with this. She has her new life with her new girlfriend. I am not a part of that. And I don’t want her pity.” Bette says as she takes her empty plate and brings it over to the dishwasher.

    “But she still loves you, you guys are still family.” Angie pleads.

    “Angie, please respect my decision on this okay? For now, we keep this between us. If you want to tell Jordi, that is fine, but no one else ok?” Bette says with a stern look.

    “Okay.” Angie says defeated.

    Angie goes to bed a little later than usual, she didn’t want to leave her mama B’s side, so they snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie. Sleep also took a while before it happened.

    She texted Jordi that she would not be at school tomorrow, but that she would be home after 12 so if she wanted, she could come over. Jordi texted her back that she would come over right after school.

    They both sent off xoxo messages before sleep took over.


    The next morning, Bette go up first. She made breakfast and when that was almost finished, she called up to Angie to let her know that it was ready. A few minutes later, Angie comes down and into the kitchen.

    “Hey sweetie, how did you sleep?” Bette asks, she sees that Angie is still sad.

    “Okay I guess, when I finally fell asleep.” She replies and takes a seat by the table.

    “We’ll get through this.” Bette says as she brings the pancakes to the table. Table already set with everything else. Just the main thing that was missing. She takes a seat. “Dig in” She adds.

    They eat in silence, Angie never looks up from her plate. Bette is nervous to say anything, but she knows that she should.


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