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    Can we get it back – Chapter 3

    “Angie? You know you can talk to me, right?” Bette says lovingly.

    Angie looks up with tears in her eyes.

    “Yeah, I’m just scared.” Angie admits.

    “I know, I’m scared too. But with you by my side, I know I’ll be okay.” Bette says and give her a smile.

    Angie smiles back while drying her tears. They finish their breakfast and then get dressed to go to the hospital to get the test-results back. Bette got a call in the morning from Shane asking if she wanted her with her, but Bette told Shane that she had told Angie last night and that they would go together today. But she might need help soon so she would call. And she promised to call with the results.

    They left for the hospital. Found parking and headed inside. The appointment was on the 3.rd floor, so they took the elevator up. Bette let the reception know she was there and then they sat down. Now they could only wait. Angie took her mama B’s hand. Both equally nervous, but for different reasons. Angie for maybe loosing her mom, and Bette for maybe leaving her daughter.

    Well nervous is not exactly how I feel, I’m terrified. That’s more like it…” Bette thinks to herself and gives Angie a soft squeeze.

    “Bette Porter?” A nurse calls out.

    Bette looks at Angie, “that’s us. Come on.” She says and stands up. Angie still holding on for dear life.

    They follow the nurse down a small corridor, and she shows them into an office.

    The doctor is waiting for them.

    “Hi Ms. Porter.” The doctor says and shakes her hand.

    “Hi Dr. Stenton.” Bette replies and give him a nervous smile.

    “And who is this?” He asks and looks at Angie.

    “This is my daughter Angelica.” Bette proudly says.

    “Nice to meet you Angelica.” He says and reach out his hand.

    “Hi, Dr. Stenton.” Angie replies and shakes his hand.

    “So, let’s get down to business. Please take a seat. I’ve got your results back.” He starts.

    “And?” Bette quickly replies.

    “And, it’s not the best news I’m afraid.” He starts.

    Bette feels the tears coming right away. She takes a moment to collect herself before she speaks.

    “What now?” She asks.


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