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    Can we get it back – Chapter 4

    The weekend is spent at a spa hotel. They treated themselves to good food, lot of luxurious treatments, massages. The best way they could have spent the last few days before everything will change for a while.

    Monday came too soon for both. Shane came over before they left for the hospital. She volunteered to drive them and stay with Angie at the hospital. Bette had informed Angie’s school that she would not be there for a few days and explained why. The school understood and wished her good luck.

    At right before six o’clock they walked out of the elevator on the third floor where she was told to register. She walks up to the reception and let’s them know she’s there. She gets a few forms that she must fill out. She gets them and a pen and takes a seat and starts to fill them out.

    Shane and Angie takes a seat on either side of Bette.

    “Shit.” Bette says ass he reads the form.

    “What?” Angie asks worriedly.

    “My power of attorney. If something happens to me… I have forgotten to change it.” Bette says and looks at Shane and Shane knows right away.

    “Why is that important?” Angie asks.

    “Because Mama T is the one they have to contact. Shit, why didn’t I think of that.” Bette says mostly to herself.

    “I guess you were hoping for a different outcome.” Shane says and rubs her shoulder.

    “Yeah.” Bette agrees.

    “Maybe we can talk to the people over there and inform them that you want Angie or me to act as your power of attorney since you are divorced with the legal one…” Shane suggests.

    “We’ll see.” Bette says and continues to fill out. When she’s finished, she stands up and walks over to the reception. “Hey, it’s finished, but I have one question about the power of attorney.” Bette starts.

    “Sure, what about it?” The nurse asks.

    “Well, the thing is that my power of attorney is my ex-wife, and I’ve forgotten to change it. What can I do to change it quickly?” Bette asks.

    “I’m afraid that you don’t have time to change it. It takes about a week normally to have it changed.” The nurse answers.

    “Shit. She also lives in Canada, so she’s nowhere near here. My friend over there with my daughter. Is it possible to add her to the papers so she can know everything? Can I sign some form for that to happen at least? My daughter is just 16 so my friend there is watching her for me while I’m in here. But I want them to get all info about me. Can you make sure that happen?” Bette asks almost pleadingly.

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    1. Great to see you back Lauren25!

      Alltough i don’t like GENQ related stories, i couldn’t pull myself away from this one.

      My heart cries out for Bette being hurt and very seriously sick, the same for Angie for being so scared of losing her momma B, but still staying strong to support her.

      How will Tina react when she hear about Bette’s tumor and operation the next day. They still love each other and will always be a family because of Angie but she broke Bette’s heart and i wouldn’t want her to come back only out of pity.

      Still i hope they will find each other again and reconcile.

      Thank you for all the updates, i hope you will post the next chapter asap.

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