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    Can we get it back – Chapter 4

    “Hey sweetie, been home long?” She asks as she stretches out her arms and legs.

    “Hey, yeah, about an hour. You seemed so peaceful, so I didn’t want to wake you. I’ve been sitting here, doing my homework. You okay?” She replies as she closes her laptop and putting it back in her bag.

    “I’m okay sweetie. Are you hungry? Shall we make something for dinner?” Bette asks as she sits up.

    “Why don’t we just order something?” Angie suggests.

    “That we can do, I don’t actually feel like cooking.” Bette agrees as she stands up, but she’s quick to take a seat again. Angie leaps up.

    “What’s wrong?” She asks worriedly.

    “Dizziness. I stood up too fast. Help me up?” Bette asks, holding her eyes closed.

    “Sure, here take my hand.” Angie says and takes a hold of her mama B’s arm and helps her up. They walk together into the kitchen and Bette finds the takeaway menus. “What do you want?” Angie asks as she’s looking through a menu from a Chinese place.

    “I don’t know. I would love some sushi.” Bette says after a few moments.

    “Then sushi it will be.” Angie agrees.

    Bette makes the call and food is expected in 30 minutes. They both takes a seat at the kitchen table.

    “So, have you thought about what you want to do this weekend?” Bette asks as she looks at Angie across the table.

    “No, I just want to hang with you, if we do that here, or somewhere else, I don’t mind.” Angie replies.

    “Nothing you want to do? Want to visit?” Bette continues.

    “No. What did you have in mind?” Angie asks.

    “I didn’t have anything in mind either. I just thought we could get away for the weekend. Think about everything else than what is happening on Monday and Tuesday.” Bette says as she looks down. “How about we check into a spa-hotel?” Bette suggests

    “What? With massage and bubble bath and stuff?” Angie asks.

    “Yeah. Total relaxation. That would do me good.” Bette says with a smile.

    “I could do with that.” Angie smiles.

    “Okay, after dinner, I’ll call and book at room for us and fill up the weekend with spa, massages and treatments. This will be good.” Bette says.

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    1. Great to see you back Lauren25!

      Alltough i don’t like GENQ related stories, i couldn’t pull myself away from this one.

      My heart cries out for Bette being hurt and very seriously sick, the same for Angie for being so scared of losing her momma B, but still staying strong to support her.

      How will Tina react when she hear about Bette’s tumor and operation the next day. They still love each other and will always be a family because of Angie but she broke Bette’s heart and i wouldn’t want her to come back only out of pity.

      Still i hope they will find each other again and reconcile.

      Thank you for all the updates, i hope you will post the next chapter asap.

    2. Hi, I’m enjoying your story as sad as it is….sigh. Why do you refer to Shane as uncle Shane.. The character has never identified as non-binary, trans or male.. Of course this is your story but I find it off putting. Won’t stop me from reading though.

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