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    Can we get it back – Chapter 4

    Sure, off course. We’ll register them also on Monday when you come in. Get all the paperwork in order. Don’t worry about that. You just focus on the operation and the recovery after.” Jenna says.

    “Thank you.” Bette says.

    Do you have more questions?” Jenna asks.

    “Well, should I get all my papers in order. Is there a chance the operation can go wrong?” Bette asks

    It’s a big operation. I won’t lie to you.  Things can go wrong, but it rarely do. The doctors are among the countries best doctors in this field. But it won’t hurt to be a little prepared. Let family know what and where and stuff like that. But You shouldn’t worry. It will be fine.” Jenna replies.

    “Okay, thank you for your honesty.” Bette says.

    They say their goodbyes and hang up. Bette takes a few deep breaths as she opens the phone to send a text to Angie.

    Hi Ang, operation is scheduled for Tuesday next week at noon. I must be at the hospital at Monday at six. So, we’ll have the weekend to do something fun together. What do you say?” Bette writes and sends off.

    It only takes a minute for the reply to come back. It made Bette smile.

    So soon? I’m not ready yet.” Angie replies.

    We’ll talk when you get home sweetie. I’ll be home waiting.” Bette reply.

    Okay.” Was the reply from Angie. School finished in 2 hours. Angie would be home in about 2,5 hours. In that time, she laid down on the couch with a blanket over herself. She also sent a text to Shane with the date for the operation and that she and Angie would be offline over weekend, spend time together before everything changed. She got a heart emoji back from Shane. Then she fell asleep.

    Angie comes home and sees her mom asleep on the couch. She gets a glass of water from the kitchen and she brings it in and takes a seat in the chair across from the couch. She takes out her laptop and starts doing her homework. She figured her mama B could use the sleep. At the same time, she’s chatting with Jordi on messenger. Angie had told Jordi that she wanted to spend this weekend with her mama B and Jordi understood. It would be a long time until she had her mom back fulltime. After about an hour, Bette wakes up and is surprised to see Angie sitting across from her.

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    1. Great to see you back Lauren25!

      Alltough i don’t like GENQ related stories, i couldn’t pull myself away from this one.

      My heart cries out for Bette being hurt and very seriously sick, the same for Angie for being so scared of losing her momma B, but still staying strong to support her.

      How will Tina react when she hear about Bette’s tumor and operation the next day. They still love each other and will always be a family because of Angie but she broke Bette’s heart and i wouldn’t want her to come back only out of pity.

      Still i hope they will find each other again and reconcile.

      Thank you for all the updates, i hope you will post the next chapter asap.

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