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    Can we get it back – Chapter 4

    “Sure. I’ll add her name to your case. What is her name?” The nurse asks.

    “It’s Shane McCutcheon.” Bette says.

    “Okay, I’ve added her, but as for the power of attorney, you might want to give her a call and inform her, that she might get a phone call if something happens.” The nurse says.

    “Yeah… Thanks.” Bette says and walks back to Angie and Shane. She sits back down defeated.

    “What did she say?” Shane asks.

    “That it’s too late to change. It will take a week. I must call Tina and warn her. I don’t know how to do that.” Bette says silently.

    “You want me to call her?” Shane asks.

    “No, thank you, but I should do this myself. I’ll call tonight after I’m settled in the room and all tests are done.” Bette says.

    “Bette Porter?” A nurse calls out.

    “Yes.” Bette says and stands up. Angie and Shane follow.

    “If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to your room.” The nurse says.

    All 3 follow the nurse. They are shown into room 319.

    “You’ll have about an hour before we’ll come and get you for some tests. Get yourself situated and just relax.” The nurse says and leaves the 3 women alone.

    “Maybe I should use this time to call Tina.” Bette says and looks at Shane and Angie. “You should go home. I’ll be fine here tonight. I want to be alone when I call her, and after that I’ll be gone for the tests and then I’ll probably go to bed.” Bette says.

    “I don’t want to leave you yet mom.” Angie says and walks into her arms.

    “Sweetie, you’ll come back tomorrow before the operation. But I need to call Mama T and tell her. I know I said I didn’t want her to know, but if something happens to me, she is the one that must decide legally what to do. I can’t not tell her. She should know if someone calls.” Bette says and holds Angie close. “We’ll see each other tomorrow morning. So please go with uncle Shane and get some sleep. I’ll be okay here.” Bette adds and gives Angie and extra warm hug.

    “Okay, but I’m not leaving voluntarily, please note that.” Angie says and hugs back her mama B. That brings Bette to a chuckle.

    “I will write that down sweetie. Now please go home.” Bette says and looks at Shane. “You’ll decide where you’ll be.” She says to Shane. “You can come tomorrow morning, so we’ll get a few hours together before I have to go under.” Bette says.

    “Sure. I’ll have her back tomorrow morning. You just relax tonight and call Tina.” Shane says.

    Angie and Shane leave the room and Bette is now alone. She takes out her phone and finds Tina’s number. She hesitates a little before she presses dial. It takes a few moments before she hear Tina answer the phone.

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    1. Great to see you back Lauren25!

      Alltough i don’t like GENQ related stories, i couldn’t pull myself away from this one.

      My heart cries out for Bette being hurt and very seriously sick, the same for Angie for being so scared of losing her momma B, but still staying strong to support her.

      How will Tina react when she hear about Bette’s tumor and operation the next day. They still love each other and will always be a family because of Angie but she broke Bette’s heart and i wouldn’t want her to come back only out of pity.

      Still i hope they will find each other again and reconcile.

      Thank you for all the updates, i hope you will post the next chapter asap.

    2. Hi, I’m enjoying your story as sad as it is….sigh. Why do you refer to Shane as uncle Shane.. The character has never identified as non-binary, trans or male.. Of course this is your story but I find it off putting. Won’t stop me from reading though.

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