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    The Shipwreck

    We surely spent some days laying on the shore, fainted, for when I woke up I had an evil headache. But we couldn’t waste time.

    “If I am not mistaken”, I started talking, while consulting the map I was holding “we should probably be on one of the islands of Cambodia” I added squinting my eyes as I couldn’t bare the pain anymore.

    “Let me see…” my father came close, caressing his white mustache, something he could always do while thinking profoundly. “Yes! I think you’re right, we were here, just some hours ago” he added, pointing to someplace on the map, near to the hypothetical island we were walking on.

    “Enough with the coordinates thing!” captain Young said with his usual arrogant tone. “We need to get settled up, first. It’s going to be dark soon, we don’t know what’s hiding around here”

    He could be right, but I couldn’t help the stern look I gave him. God, I hated that man! I spent the whole trip trying to avoid his tedious gaze. There was no place in which I didn’t feel his stare on me; he would look at me from head to feet, and I could swear I saw him licking his own lips once. Ugh! Disgusting. Not to mention how nonchalantly he left his hands accidentally touch my butt or breast, every now and then, and how he excused himself: “Pardon, my dear, didn’t mean that”. Of course, he did.

    We spent the evening fitting the camping tents, while the captain and his men were keeping themselves busy trying to figure out some security settlements to keep the all of us safe. I could see a bunch of boxes full of weapons. Little did they know they did anything but make me feel secure.

    “Did they need to bring all those things with us?” I said to my father.

    “My dear, they make a living out of that, without weapons they are nothing. Besides, captain Young knows what he’s doing. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here telling you this” he got a point, the man got his back since he started to leave our country for his researches and I remember how often he risked his life to save my father’s. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to liking him. On the other hand, my father loved him. So, I decided to keep my urge of punching the asshole in the face just for the sake of my beloved father.

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    1. Hi Bette0Porter,

      Welcome back after 5 years?! You kidding me, wow times fly away.

      I am so happy to see you back with a new story!!!

      You mentioned it was far away from TLW universe but you did use one name i despise from that universe and reading the first chapter i still hate the name Young.

      So looking forward how this story will continue!

    2. Hey BetteOPorter:

      WELCOME BACK, what a surprise, I’m excited, I could read new beautiful stories from you again.

      Very nice start in this chapter, and, as many readers, already waiting to see Captain Young out of the island and Tina’s life.

      I’m waiting when Bette will show up (the chapter was small, you are a teaser😅😅😅).

      Hoping to read the new chapter soon.

      Thanks for this new and promising story.


    3. Hi Bette0Porter,

      I’m very happy you took up writing again. I really missed your stories.

      Anyway I love this one very much. Wouldn’t it be great to see Bette in an animal skin……

      Btw please don’t apologize because English is not your mother tongue because as far as I’m concerned your English is very good and we all make mistakes, don’t we?

      Can’t wait to read some more, so please don’t keep us too long in suspense.


    4. I see you have came back to exscape the real world like the rest of us. Welcome back..nice first chapter and I love it when their in new environments and back drops.. ok so I’m late on starting this story but I like it so far.. on to the next one. Thank you.

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