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    Can we get it back – Chapter 1

    «You seem different, I don’t know how to explain it. » Angie continues.

    Bette sighs, takes a deep breath.

    «You are right Angie, I am different, feel different. The truth is, I am heartbroken. » Bette admits as tears starts to appear. She doesn’t know how to continue, so she waits, thinks on how to tell Angie the most heartbreaking thing ever.

    «I miss her also. I wish she would just come home, Carrie is nice and everything but she’s not you. » Angie says, tears also falling from her eyes.

    There is a moment of silence before any of them speak.

    «She’s moved on, I can’t sit around and wait for her anymore. But it is damn difficult. I miss her, I miss her more than you know. She’s my soulmate, my heart. And it pains me to the core that I couldn’t make her happy anymore. » Bette says, tears still falling. «We just have to be happy for her. She deserves the best. » Bette says while putting her arm around Angie, pulling her into a warm hug.

    «Yeah…» Angie agrees.

    «You want dinner? » Bette asks after a few moments.

    «What are we having? » Angie asks.

    «Anything you want. » Bette replies with a smile and a loving kiss to her forehead.

    They stand up and goes to the kitchen to make dinner.

    A month pass and Angie still have a nagging feeling about Mama B, that she can’t shake. She calls Mama T with her concerns.

    «Hey mom, you free? » Angie asks as she hears Tina answer her call.

    «Hi sweetie, off course, always free for you» Tina replies. «what’s up? » she adds.

    «Just checking in, it’s been a while since we talked. » Angie starts.

    «I am sorry about that Sweetie, but the production has been crazy for a while now. But I am sorry, I will do better. » Tina honestly says.

    A moment of silence. Even if Tina is 3000 of miles away, she can still sense that something is bothering Angie.

    «Angie, sweetie, is there something else on your mind? » Tina asks lovingly, wishing she was sitting next to her daughter.

    «I… it’s Mama B…» Angie starts…

    «What about mama B? » Tina asks.

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    1. This is the first story I have read of yours. This is an excellent beginning – You’ve got a good hook to pull your audience in. Great descriptions and excellent dialogue. Look forward to the next chapter and I will read some of your previous publication.

      Thank you for putting this out….

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