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    Can we get it back – Chapter 1

    «I don’t know…  I… we talked a month ago but…» She continues carefully.

    «What is going on? » Tina asks.

    «She told me that she was heartbroken…» Angie starts but stops. She hears Tina take a deep breath through the phone.

    «Angie…» Tina starts. «I wish I was there with you right now. This talk should not be over the phone…» Tina starts.

    «You should be here. I know you told me why you were not when you were here last, but I…  I need both my mom’s you know. » Angie quietly says.

    «I know sweetie, I know, and I wish things were different, but my work keeps me here for a large part of the year, and I am sorry I am missing out. » Tina adds before she continues… «But what is going on with mama B sweetie? » Tina asks.

    «I don’t know, but she is distant, seems sad, almost scared. But she won’t tell me anything. » Angie says and she feels a tear rolling down her cheek.

    «Have you talked to Uncle Shane or Alice? Do they know anything? » Tina asks, she hears the sadness in Angie’s voice.

    «No, I haven’t, maybe I can get Uncle Shane to talk to her, maybe she would open up to her…» Angie wonders.

    «Yeah, talk to Shane and ask if she could casually talk to mama B for you. I don’t want you to go around and feel like something is going on or is wrong. » Tina says, waiting for Angie to reply. It takes a few moments. «Angie? » Tina adds.

    «Why can’t you talk to her? » Angie asks, hoping to maybe push her mother’s towards each other.

    «Angie… I…  It will be too difficult sweetie. I know I have hurt your mama B. I still love her but…  sometimes that isn’t enough. » Tina says and massages her temple, feeling a headache coming on.

    «I know mom, still…» Angie says.

    «Call Shane and ask her okay? They are calling me here now Angie, so I have to go. Will you be okay sweetie? » Tina asks.

    «Yeah, I will be okay. Love you mom» Angie says

    «I love you too sweetie, we’ll talk soon, okay? » Tina says. They hang up.

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    1. This is the first story I have read of yours. This is an excellent beginning – You’ve got a good hook to pull your audience in. Great descriptions and excellent dialogue. Look forward to the next chapter and I will read some of your previous publication.

      Thank you for putting this out….

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