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    Chapter 10 – You Still Got It, Porter

    Hit Dance Floor

    A thin, muscular arm connected to a wandering hand slowly made its way around Helena’s lean frame. The hand rested open-palmed covering the Brit’s navel as she kept eye contact over her left shoulder with the owner of that arm.

    Helena felt herself being firmly pulled back and held against the mysterious woman’s body even more. She placed her right hand over the stranger’s resting on her midriff, and reached up and back with her left hand to caress the neck and cheek of her dance floor playmate. Her fingers raked through the soft brown locks as their bodies rubbed together in a suggestive rhythm.

    The beat was thumping throughout the club and Tina had lost herself for a moment in her own rhythmic movements and the odd wave of nervous energy that had suddenly consumed her. She finally turned around and saw that Helena seemed to have found an available and interested candidate for physical contact induced by the music.

    Both of the women’s backs were to her, so Tina continued dancing as the two of them moved with synchronicity in a full circle. Tina witnessed Helena wearing an almost bashful smirk as the unknown woman’s hands made their way from her stomach, back over her hips, then down her outer thighs. The smooth dancer lowered her own body in a well-choreographed step while continuing to move her hands down the sides of Helena’s legs. Tina still had not seen the face of the woman who was practically fornicating with her boss on the dance floor.

    Before long, the pair of hands made their journey back up the body they had been getting to know and a head popped into view over Helena’s left shoulder.

    Tina’s soft hazel eyes were met with smiling brown eyes from behind Helena’s shoulder. As soon as they locked, the blonde music executive’s eyes then widened and her mouth fell slightly opened. Helena was not paying attention as her eyes were closed and her head was slightly cocked back and toward the right, as if to bait her touchy admirer into tasting the perfumed-sprayed European flesh along her neck.

    The pair of brown eyes winked at Tina who shook her head and smiled at Helena’s quickly deteriorating sense of self control.

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