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    Chapter 10 – You Still Got It, Porter

    Believing she was now effectively substituted out of her employer’s focus, she stepped closer to at least introduce the two women. Leaning close to the women’s smiling faces, she spoke above the music. “Helena, this is Eva Torres, better known as Papi from Third Wheel. Papi, the woman you’re latched onto is Helena Peabody.”

    Helena’s eyes opened at the sound of Tina’s introduction and she released herself from Papi’s grasp to turn to her. She stuck out her hand and Papi took it firmly in her own. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Helena said with gracious manners.

    “Oh no, the pleasure is all mine.” Papi smiled as she brought the top of Helena’s hand to her lips for a brief kiss, then proceeded to twirl Helena underneath their held hands.

    Tina rolled her eyes, knowing Papi had slipped into charming rock star mode. She turned back around to make her way off the dance floor and back to the VIP section.



    Bette’s VIP Section

    Bette and Shane were sitting next to each other on the couch facing the dance floor watching the crowd through the white sheer fabric that separated their private area from the rest of the club. Alice was sitting on a couch perpendicular to the one the other two were sitting on with her legs draped over Tayo’s lap.

    “So how are you and Carmen doing?” Bette asked her friend.

    “Things are good.” Shane answered. The young drummer was watching the crowd intently, hoping to avoid any past hook-ups looking to cause problems for her or for Carmen as some had done in the past. Before Carmen, Shane was a notoriously available, yet elusive member of the lesbian club scene. Often the cause of bitchy showdowns between jealous past conquests, Shane was not one to stick around for any confrontation to play out to the grand finale.

    “Look, I know we’ve talked about this, Shane, but I think it’s important, okay? You need to make sure that if things don’t work out between you two, that the personal shit can be set aside for the good of the band.” Bette was concerned that the relationship between the two bandmates that had begun within the last couple of months could threaten the group dynamic.

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