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    Chapter 10 – You Still Got It, Porter

    Shane looked at Bette before leading her gaze to Alice and Tayo, then back at Bette as if to tell her that she wasn’t the only one needing a lecture. Bette picked up on the non-verbal cues Shane was throwing down.

    She chuckled softly before leaning into Shane’s ear. “I’ll talk to them too, but you’re sitting closer to me and Carmen’s not here.”

    Shane cracked a little smile and nodded. “You gonna get your ass on the dance floor and find yourself a little hottie or what?”

    Bette returned her gaze to the floor and watched all the energetic bodies shifting about to the pulsating beats. “Yeah, eventually, I guess.”



    Alphaville VIP Section

    Tina noticed Tonya and Gabby engaged in what appeared to be a serious conversation as she made her way back to the couch in their little area. Dana looked up at her as she approached, apprehension showing in her eyes.

    “Hey guys, what’s going on?” Tina greeted Nadia and Gabby.

    “Oh, hi, Tina.” Said Nadia.

    Tonya stopped what she was saying to Gabby and looked up at Tina with just a hint of guilt.

    “Tina, hello there,” Gabby said with fake enthusiasm and a smile to match. “I was hoping that maybe you and I, Tonya and your boyfriend could set up a meeting on Monday.”

    Tina’s brow furrowed slightly. “Well, Gabby, that would be impossible because I don’t have a boyfriend.” She stated, then reached for her champagne glass, finishing it in one big swallow.

    “Okay. Well, then we need your ex-boyfriend, or fuckboy or whatever kind of boy he is to you, these days. We need him there since he’s the one that draws up the contracts.”

    “Why would he need to do that when all contracts have been signed?” Tina asked as she poured herself another glass.

    “Umm, I have some ideas that I came up with about the band, but would like to protect my interests before I discuss them with the label.” She explained. Tonya looked uncomfortable and avoided Tina’s stare.

    Tina was annoyed. Gabby had been a prima donna since the day the band signed with the label, believing herself to be the one true talent of the group. If it was one thing Tina hated worse than overbearing, pushy talent managers, it was self-aggrandizing, egotistical talent with an ax to grind.

    “Fine. Just call the office Monday morning and set up a meeting with my assistant.” Tina said dismissively. She sat next to Dana and crossed her legs while bringing her champagne glass to her lips for another taste.

    Dana looked helplessly at her friend. Tina caught her gaze.

    “What?” she mouthed.

    Dana shook her head.  “Tell you later,” she mouthed back.

    Tina drew in a deep breath before taking another long drink of her champagne. As she set it back down on the coffee table, she grabbed Dana’s hand pulling her off the couch and leading her to the ladies’ room.




    Bette’s VIP Section

    Bette was halfway through her second vodka tonic when the bass intro to Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right” faded in stereo prompting more women to head to the dance floor.

    Carmen ran from the DJ booth, tore back the valance, and grabbed for Shane exclaiming “We are sooo dancing to this!” Alice and Tayo also began to make their way to the floor pulling a non-resistant Bette with them.

    Soon, all five friends were getting down on the floor surrounded by beautiful women moving seductively to the song.

    Shane twirled Carmen around so that she could dance with her from behind. She leaned in towards Bette. “Take your pick!” she yelled to Bette over the music and motioning to the women gyrating in front of her friend and watching her every move.

    “Yeah, Bette, go work that Little Porter magic!” Carmen encouraged their manager.

    Bette smiled at the young couple and took a few steps forward while maintaining her rhythm with the music. Two younger looking girls wasted no time creating a Bette Porter sandwich as one occupied the area immediately in front of her and the other positioned herself behind her, grinding and rotating their hips into the sexy ad executive.

    You still got it, Porter, Bette thought confidently to herself as she smiled and enjoyed dancing with the two sweet young things.


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