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    Chapter 9 – I Bet She Tastes Like Hundred Dollar Bills

    Hit Dance Floor

    Papi, Gabby, and Nadia had walked into the club when they heard their song being mashed up by the talented DJ. Ever since they signed with Alphaville, their popularity soared, their music was acknowledged by virtue of chart position on SoundScan not to mention the decent amount of downloads and streams for a band’s freshman effort, and their egos were stroked.

    Gabby spotted Tina getting down on the dance floor with a brunette she did not know. She led the other two through the crowd with Nadia linking her finger through Gabby’s back belt loop. Papi brought up the rear, dancing her way along the entire time to the beat of the song.

    Tina was doing her best to keep her distance from Helena as she danced. Helena moved slightly slower and off rhythm as she tried unsuccessfully to get one of her two British paws on Tina’s hip. Each time, Tina’s unique dance maneuvers managed to dodge any sort of touching.

    Dana and Tonya sat back on the couch watching the two women.

    “Is it me, or is Helena trying really hard to freak on Tina?” Tonya observed.

    “Notice how Tina didn’t tell her about the break up?” Dana answered with another question. “We should probably keep that under wraps. I mean, look how hard that crazy broad is trying, and as far as she’s concerned, T has a boyfriend.”

    “You know, I always pictured Tina with a hot rock star guy.”

    “Or girl.” Dana said tongue-in-cheek. “But maybe she’s right. Dating in the workplace is probably a bad idea all the way around.” Dana finished off her glass of champagne and decided to pour herself another as she felt Tonya’s eyes burning into her. “More champagne?” she asked nonchalantly.

    “Hello, Dana. Tonya.” Gabby said as she interrupted the tense moment between the two.

    “Yo, wassup?” Papi asked.

    Tonya smiled at her walking paychecks. “Ladies. The DJ has great taste in music wouldn’t you say?”

    “Yeah, this DJ is a regular here. She usually spins pretty good stuff.” Nadia said, not understanding Tonya’s reference to their own song playing. Gabby and Papi just gave her a “you’re so stupid” look.

    “Eh, who’s the hottie with the body dancing with Tina?” Papi asked the girls as she turned around to watch the other women getting their groove on.

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    1. So you may have noticed that both of our girls are feeling a little out of sorts in these chapters. Perhaps it is the universe giving them a sign.

      Always pay attention to the signs, people. I’m not a big believer in destiny as I am a proponent of free will to create one’s own destiny, BUT, when things just kind of start to fall into place, you should probably listen to the universe. Don’t fight it; embrace it.

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