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    Chapter 11 – Definitely Hazel

    Ladies’ Room – Tina’s Point of View

    “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” I screamed when Dana told me that Gabby wanted out of their contract to renegotiate for a bigger percentage of record sales.

    “I know, I couldn’t believe it either, T. But I didn’t want you to be blindsided when you met with them Monday.” My friend explained to me.

    I was fuming. That selfish little witch! Who the hell does she think she is that she can just demand more money after less than 9 months of a 24 month contract? Fuck that, I’m letting her know tonight that she’s fucking crazy

    “Well, looks like I better go set her straight and save her the trouble of arranging the meeting,” I decidedly told Dana. I turned on my heeled boot, and quickly headed out the door. I ignored Dana’s calls out to me and re-entered the club’s sticky atmosphere.

    The DJ had pumped some dry ice onto the dance floor, so it was difficult to see more than a few feet in front of me, but I could tell that the mob of dancers had multiplied as the night wore on and the bass to “Say it Right” was thumping.

    I was determined to push through the crowd in order to reach my confrontation destination just on the other side. I dodged through openings between dancing bodies, anticipating their dance steps in order to travel more efficiently.

     The dry ice still hung thick in the air and I was momentarily obstructed by what appeared to be a three-woman train pressed firmly together moving fluidly in sync. I attempted to step around the front, but was cornered by another dancing body. I moved the other way only to discover that I was again blocked in. I looked down to the legs in front of me so I could estimate their next possible move.

    A pair of black heels caught my attention and I was suddenly hit with the nervous tension I had felt earlier. This time, the wave hit me harder than before as my eyes traveled up the well sculpted calves covered in black sheer nylons. I noticed with each swaying movement, the red lace tops of the thigh-highs revealed themselves from under a black pleated mini skirt. The skirt covered a perfectly curved ass and I felt my mouth begin to salivate.

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    1. meloveslu says

      So I was really super nervous about telling these chapters in first person. Not everyone can pull it off that well so it was quite a challenge to keep the technical stuff consistent and in the same voice throughout each part. I’m hoping I did it justice and trust you readers would tell me if I couldn’t pull it off appropriately.

      Not sure if anyone picked up on the fact that not only are these two drawn to each other, but they are dressed in the same color scheme. Again, don’t ignore the signs. =)

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