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    Chapter 12 – It’s Only One Syllable

    “Okay,” Bette smiled. She could tell that Tina was nervous so she took the lead. Her left hand reached for Tina’s right and as soon as their fingers met both women quickly pulled back from the literal electric shock that popped from the contact.

    They looked at each other again and smiled both confused as to what was happening to them.

    “Sorry,” Bette apologized while Tina silently stared again, still unable to form complete words.

    Bette took both of Tina’s hands and led them to her bare shoulders. When she let go, she softly caressed the top of them and gently slid her fingers across Tina’s forearms before dropping them to her waist.

    The lyrics of the song began as they continued to stare into each other’s eyes and moved ever so slowly.

    Swaying room as the music starts
    Strangers making the most of the dark
    Two by two their bodies become one
    I see you through the smoky air
    Can’t you feel the weight of my stare
    You’re so close but still a world away
    What I’m dying to say

    Both women listened to the words, which were extremely appropro, as they moved together.

    While Alice and Tayo were dancing together, Alice had noticed Bette with a blonde she had never seen before. She pointed them out to Carmen and Shane who were dancing nearby. The friends gave each other knowing looks as they continued to observe their hot friend and manager swaying with a likely candidate for a late night rendezvous.

    Tina finally snapped out of her temporary paralysis and closed the gap between her body and Bette’s as the first chorus played out. She adjusted her arms so that they wrapped around Bette’s neck and got her first touch of the long brown locks.

    Bette slipped her arms around Tina, resting them on her lower back and pulling the stranger’s body closer to her own. She inhaled the scent that took up residence in her dance partner’s soft blonde hair. Her eyes closed involuntarily.

    What’s happening to me? Bette was struggling with the strength of her attraction to this woman.

    “So do you have a name?” she asked into the blonde’s hair.

    Bette’s warm breath tickled Tina’s neck and ear and her skin again broke out in goosebumps.

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    1. Ever meet someone you are so attracted to that you get tongue-tied and can barely carry a conversation with them because you can’t stop admiring their beauty? I’ve been there.

      This will be the last chapter for the week. I know I am leaving you hanging slightly, but I will have a fresh crop of chapters for you next Sunday so please stay tuned and leave me some love.



      • Hi MeLL,
        First, thank you for my Sunday Evening treat,
        Second, really enjoyed the Chapters, beautifully written as always and
        Thirdly you do know how I hate CliffHangers don’t you !!!
        Have a great week my friend look forward to next Sunday’s Posts..

        • Technically, SassyGran, this isn’t really a cliffy because this part of the story has already been (and still is) posted. So your third point is moot hahahaha. ;-)

          Thank you for your continued readership and your awesome comments. I look forward to them every time I post!

    2. These chapters were so worth the wait! :-)

      My favourite quote: “Oh my God, she speaks”. I can totally relate to Tina’s reaction. Not only being tongue-tied but also feeling like your brain is slowing down from 45 rpm to 33 rpm (for those of you who still remember record players) and you’re finally losing the ability to speak coherently. What beauty can do you!

      The change of perspective to first person works just great. It emphasizes the reader’s feeling of watching T + B, kind of seeing them circling around each other in the club, getting closer and closer and finally being in “the eye of the storm” together with T + B.
      I love this scene!

      Thanks again for this weekend-treat, MeLL.

      • Aww, thanks so much Kiwi!

        I’m old enough to get your vinyl reference. In fact, I saw some sweet bluetooth turntables at the store last week that I think I may want to put on my Christmas list so I can bring out all those old records.

        Every time I think about being tongue-tied in the presence of a new love interest, it makes me think of that song “Clumsy” by Fergie. It definitely sets out what happens when cupid hits you.

        Catch you here next weekend I hope!


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