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    Chapter 13

    The next afternoon, Bette is making a coffee in her kitchen and answers her cell.

    (Bette) Hey Kit

    (Kit) Hey baby girl, how you doing?

    (Bette) I’m fine Kit, how are you?

    (Kit) Not too bad

    They fall into silence for a moment.

    (Kit) I spoke to Tina this morning

    Bette raises her eyebrows.

    (Kit) So Toronto huh?

    (Bette sighs) Yes

    Bette sits down at the bench.

    (Bette) Why did she call you?

    (Kit) She wanted to talk about me taking Angie for a couple of days, but in the end she’s taken her with her

    (Bette nods) I know, she texted me to let me know Angie was going as well. She’s just back from camp and didn’t want to be apart from Tina again

    (Kit sighs) This has all been a lot for Angie

    Bette nods.

    (Bette) I know. I’m glad they’re together

    Bette sighs and rubs her forehead.

    (Bette) I imagine they’re there by now

    (Kit nods) Yeah

    They sit in silence for a moment.

    (Kit) She also mentioned you had an argument

    Bette raises her eyebrows.

    (Bette) We did, yes

    (Kit) Am I right in assuming it was pretty bad? For Tina to drop everything and leave like that?

    Bette frowns, looking to her coffee.

    (Bette) It was bad

    Kit nods.

    (Kit) Well she asked me to check in with you, to make sure you’re OK

    (Bette) I’m fine Kit

    (Kit) Do you want company? I could come round for dinner tonight?

    (Bette) Thanks, but I’m OK. I think I just want to be alone for a while

    Kit nods.

    (Kit) OK, well can you call me if you need anything?

    (Bette) I will, thanks Kit

    The next morning, Bette is at home and answers her cell.

    (Alice) Tina’s in Toronto?

    (Bette) Ah, yes, she is

    (Alice) Because of what happened with you two the other night?

    Bette rubs her forehead.

    (Bette) I don’t really want to talk about it Al. But yes, she’s in Toronto and I don’t know when she’ll be back

    Alice nods.

    (Alice) OK

    (Bette) Did she call you?

    (Alice) No, I spoke to Kit. She said Tina asked her to check in on you but you wouldn’t see her. Kit wanted me to see if we’d have any luck with you

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    1. Seeing a new part made my day. Thank you!

      What a sweet scene at the end! :-)
      Favourite quote: “(Bette) Fall in love with someone else (Tina) Give me another ten years, I might manage it”

    2. Glad Tina ended her engagement and realized Sarah deserved someone who loved her. I know they are the same character, but I am going to miss this Bette with Tina. We really don’t know the current Bette other than she doesn’t want Tina in her life. Another great chapter, always looking forward to the next.

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