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    Chapter 14

    Chapter 14

    The next morning, Tina is sitting reading a newspaper at Alice’s kitchen bench when there is a quiet knock at the door. She stops and listens for a moment, unsure of what she heard, before a second knock has her stand and make her way over. She opens the door and raises her eyebrows when she finds Angelica standing there with her schoolbag on her back.

    (Tina) Angelica

    Tina glances over Angelica’s shoulder.

    (Tina) Are you here on your own?

    Angelica nods and looks towards her feet.

    Tina takes a step towards her and places her hand on her shoulder.

    (Tina) Baby what’s going on?

    Angelica looks up at her.

    (Angelica) I wanted to see you

    Tina nods as she continues to look at her with concern. She smiles at her reassuringly.

    (Tina) OK well come in

    They walk through to the kitchen together.

    (Tina) Do you want to go through to the couch? I need to call your Mom to let her know you’re here

    Angelica nods as she continues through to the living room. Tina continues watching her as she picks up her phone from the bench and places a call.

    (Bette smiles) Tee, sorry I’m right in the middle of something, can I call you back?

    Tina makes eye contact with Angelica, who is obviously eavesdropping from the other room. She clears her throat before speaking, trying to keep her tone formal.

    (Tina) Hi Bette, of course, it’s important though so could you get back to me quickly?

    Bette stops what she is doing and frowns.

    (Bette) Bette?

    (Tina) Ah, yes

    Bette takes a breath.

    (Bette) Have you had another therapy session?

    (Tina frowns) What?

    She realises what Bette is thinking and smiles.

    (Tina) No, it’s not that. I’m still very much in 2002

    Bette smiles and exhales.

    (Bette) What’s going on then? Are you OK?

    Tina turns her back to Angelica and speaks in a hushed tone.

    (Tina) Look everything is fine, but I’m at Alice’s and Angelica is here with me

    (Bette frowns) What are you talking about? Why isn’t she at school?

    (Tina) Well, I don’t think she went to school today

    (Bette) I dropped her off

    (Tina) Well then I guess she didn’t go in

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    1. It’s nice to pretend sometimes, i agree with Angie.
      Glad Angie came to see Tina and them talking a bit about the past and future.

      I am still so curious what happened between Bette & Tina that they acted so hostile to each other and why was Tina crying a lot?

      Love this story!

    2. I think this is a good first step for Angie and Tina. It has to be really awkward for Angie to be dealing with a parent whom you have lived with and known all of your life and has no memory of anything about you and your life together. Nor does she have any memory of anything else that has occurred for the last 15 years. How to you communicate with someone like that whom you love dearly and and you know she loves you? And as for Tina, she is in that place of being drawn to Angie and want to know her and yet she does not want to make the situation more stressful for Angie or for Bette. Tina uses her common sense and instincts to make her way through this situation yet knowing there are land mines of unknown magnitude everywhere. And Bette and Tina are dealing with a 12 year old child. And both want only the best for Angie… and everyone is in the dark as to what that is. The one thing that is true about Bette universally in every story told: Bette will never deny Angie and Tina time together. I also think that Angie’s comment that neither of her mothers would allow Angie to diminish the character of the other parent with demeaning comments or discussions even though they were no longer a couple. That was huge… not all divorced parents conduct themselves in that manner..

      Thanks for the chapter…

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