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    Chapter 16

    (Bette) I don’t need any assurance from you about the future. And I have no expectations beyond the present

    Tina considers her for a moment.

    (Tina) How long are you suggesting we go along like this?

    (Bette shrugs) Indefinitely. For as long as you feel like it’s working for you, and I feel like it’s working for me. If at any point that’s not the case, then we’ll stop

    They hold each other’s gaze for a moment.

    (Bette) I’m being completely honest with you about what I want, and what I’m thinking, right now. That’s all I can do

    Tina nods and focuses down towards their hands for a long moment, before raising her eyes to Bette’s.

    (Tina) If it doesn’t change what we’re doing, and doesn’t to you mean a promise of anything moving forward, I can handle dropping the casual label

    Bette raises her eyebrows, examining her for a moment.

    (Bette) Are you sure?

    Tina smiles at her.

    (Tina) Yes

    Bette looks at her, furrowing her brow.

    (Bette) Can we talk about exclusivity?

    (Tina) That’s also important to you?

    (Bette) It is

    Bette looks at her for a moment and then smiles.

    (Bette) Just hear me out, then you can go ahead and jump out the window

    Tina hits her arm with the back of her hand, and they smile at each other. Bette takes a breath before continuing.

    (Bette) I think it’s again really just describing what we’ve effectively already been doing

    Bette looks at her for another moment.

    (Bette) I haven’t been with anyone else since I met you

    Tina smiles at her and then shrugs.

    (Tina) I haven’t either

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) I don’t want to be with anyone else

    Tina’s smile broadens and she shakes her head slowly.

    (Tina) I don’t either

    (Bette shrugs) Then why not name it?

    They look at one another for a moment and Bette then shifts closer, propping herself up on her elbow and placing her hand on Tina’s stomach. She looks down at her, taking a breath before continuing.

    (Bette) I want to be all yours. And you all mine

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) All the time

    Tina smiles up at her, running a hand along Bette’s arm.

    (Bette) I sort of wondered if that might suit you too, given the whole jealousy problem you’ve got going on

    Tina laughs and shakes her head, and they smile at each other.

    (Tina) Being exclusive is fine by me

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) OK then

    They look at each other for a long moment.

    (Bette) So how is this sounding? What we’re describing?

    Tina smiles at her.

    (Tina) Kind of amazing actually

    Bette smiles.

    (Tina) And this might not seem like much to most people, what we’re describing. But this is huge for me

    (Bette laughs) I know

    (Tina) I honestly can’t believe I’m even considering it

    Bette takes a breath and smiles at her.

    (Bette) If we do this, it’s with no expectation that this goes beyond exactly where we are right now

    Tina smiles as she reaches up, holding her hand to the side of Bette’s face and running her thumb gently over her cheek.

    (Tina) Which is where?

    (Bette smiles) In the moment, and completely in love with each other

    Tina raises her eyebrows and smiles.

    (Tina) And in an exclusive relationship

    (Bette laughs) That’s not necessarily going anywhere

    Tina laughs and they continue smiling at each other.

    (Tina) I love you

    (Bette smiles) I love you too

    Tina moves her hand through Bette’s hair and pulls her down towards her and they both smile into a kiss. Bette draws back and looks down at her with raised eyebrows.

    (Bette) Are we doing it?

    Tina smiles as she tucks Bette’s hair behind her ear.

    (Tina) Yes

    (Bette smiles) OK

    Bette leans down and captures Tina’s lips with her own once more, and they talk to each other through the kiss.

    (Bette) Can you stop calling me Bette now?

    (Tina smiles) Sure baby

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    1. Okay…. an exclusive relationship which is not necessarily going anywhere? Whatever works. Glad they talked and worked it out. I’m not sure what they have decided anything except for the labels which represent what they are already experiencing and to continue and see where this goes. There are no expectations for the future. But there is an underlying desire that they will do the future together whatever that is.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. Wow, funny thing! They both feel the same way, want the same things. They just needed to express them. Why is Tina so dead set about a commitment ? Who hurt her so much? Glad to see your post. Keep them coming!

    3. Whew! What a cliff hanger you left us in 15. A new flavor to the Bette and Tina story is really appreciated!

      As an aside, I wish you had added health issues/STDs as support for Bette’s exclusivity request. I don’t think we talk about or address STDs. Not all partners are “safe”. Remember we are a collection of all of our active partners.

      Keep writing I really like you stories!

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