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    Chapter 17

    Chapter 17

    Sunday evening, Bette’s house. Tina knocks on the door and after a moment Bette answers. Bette looks at her uncertainly as Tina steps inside, and Bette closes the door behind them. Bette glances at her and then clears her throat and gestures towards the hallway, as she starts to move in that direction.

    (Bette) Come through

    As Bette begins to move away Tina reaches out and takes hold of her hand, pulling her towards her and placing her hands on Bette’s hips.

    (Tina) What kind of greeting is that?

    Bette smiles and exhales, looking at her with her head to one side.

    (Bette) A nervous one

    Tina nods and smiles back at her, reaching up and tucking a stray hair behind Bette’s ear. She meets Bette’s eyes and takes a breath.

    (Tina) Is it weird that I’m pretty sure you’re about to break my heart, but I somehow want to comfort you through that?

    Bette looks at her for a moment and then smiles.

    (Bette) Yes

    Tina smiles.

    (Bette) But no weirder than any other part of this situation

    They hold each other’s gaze for a moment. Tina sighs and gestures with her head towards the hallway.

    (Tina) Come on then. Let’s get this over with

    They both reach for the other’s hand as they move together through the house.

    (Tina) I assume you have a lot of wine?

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) Head through, I’ll open a bottle

    Tina moves to the couch and Bette makes her way over, placing the bottle of wine and two glasses on the coffee table. Bette sits down and pours their drinks, handing a glass to Tina as she settles on the couch alongside her. They both have a sip of their drink and then look to one another. Bette takes a breath before speaking.

    (Bette) Shall we jump right in?

    Tina looks at her and then nods.

    (Tina) Yes

    Bette nods and has a gulp of her wine.

    (Bette) So, you want to know the details? For me to tell you about the whole mess?

    Tina looks back at her for a moment before responding.

    (Tina) I do, but before you start, I just want to say…

    Tina takes a breath and continues looking at her.

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    1. Wow, so much anger over events that happened a long time ago. Sometimes it’s easier to hang on the anger.

      Maybe Tina had a mental breakdown like majicspider60 already mentioned.

      Can they work this out after Tina is back in the present, is Bette willing to make a move when Tina doesn’t remember this time if she returns?

      Thank you for this brilliant written story!

    2. I believe Tina is right…. they can work it out whether Tina remembers this relationship during her amnesia or not. The feelings and the desires are there in both instances. It is up to Bette to want to agree to give reconciliation or at least civility a try. Tina has already made movement in that direction… Bette just meet her halfway and talk to her. Find a way to drop the predisposition that she will still be angry. If you Bette make an effort to at least communicate and Tina responds, there is a chance to get over these hurtles. Most of all drop this idea that it cannot be fixed. Maybe it can…. You both need to try. Neither of you have anything to loose by trying…. You have a horrible relationship as it is. Talking can possibly make it better.

      Thanks for the update… this is a very good story.

    3. It has been the same for so long that Bette feels there is no reason to try to fix all the wrongs between them, but I think she is willing to risk her heart to see Tina back in her life in some capacity as long as it is not hate filled anymore. Hopefully Tina does remember bits or feelings from her time with memory loss, so they can at least try to be better towards each other. Please post soon.

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