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    Chapter 16

    Chapter 16

    Saturday morning, Tina is preparing breakfast in her kitchen when there is a knock on the door. She starts to move towards the hallway when she hears footsteps racing down the stairs as Angelica dashes to the door. Tina smiles as she watches Angelica fling the door open and throw her arms around Kit. Kit laughs as she hugs her back.

    (Kit) Oh I missed you too baby girl

    Kit and Angelica make their way to the kitchen and Kit smiles warmly at Tina as they approach.

    (Tina smiles) Hey Kit

    Kit throws her arms around her and hugs her tightly.

    (Kit) Great to see you as well baby girl

    She leans back and looks at Tina.

    (Kit) That breakfast there smells pretty great

    (Tina smiles) Well come through, it’s almost ready

    Tina serves up their breakfast and they sit together in the dining room enjoying their meal. Angelica excitedly asks Kit question after question about her tour and Tina enjoys watching their obviously very familiar and affectionate interaction.


    A while later, Angelica has retreated upstairs to her bedroom and Tina and Kit relax in the kitchen. They chat to each other as Kit settles at the island bench and Tina makes coffee.

    (Tina) Bette says you’re performing regularly now? That it’s going really well

    (Kit smiles) Yeah, it’s been a journey but things have come together

    (Tina smiles) That’s so great Kit. That makes me so happy hearing that

    Kit smiles at her and raises her eyebrows.

    (Kit) I was a bit of a mess in 2002, huh?

    Tina smiles and touches her forearm affectionately.

    (Tina) You were going through something, and I think it’s so amazing to see you now

    Kit smiles.

    (Tina) And to see how far you and Bette have come

    (Kit smiles) Yes, I’m very lucky to have her still. That she was still interested in fixing things after all the crap I put her through

    (Tina) It must have taken a lot on both sides, to get to this point

    They smile at each other and Tina moves to the stove top to retrieve their coffee. Kit watches her as Tina moves back to the bench.

    (Kit) So, how’s everything going with you?

    Tina looks at her and smiles.

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    1. I’ve been waiting for this part of the story… Of what happened to them. i love the slow build. Not rushed at all, i love how you make Tina have a personal conversation with everybody and opens and close certain topics. All bases getting attention. Always looking forward to new chapters! After the release of ep2 of GenQ, gosh aren’t we all getting hung up on this great love story?

      Thanks again, katynd.

    2. Wow… the question “Does she?” Meaning does the current day Tina deserve to be treated harshly? And the key word is deserve… This may be the conversation which brings Tina back to the present day. This may be the necessary conversation which Bette needs to motivate her (Bette) to seek a solution rather than to perpetuate the continued present environment and relationship. In the beginning before this memory loss happened, Tina appeared to want to have a conversation with Bette to change their relationship to a less hostile relationship. But Bette did respond positively to Tina. Bette is angry about something and has built walls that Tina could not breach. This is going to be an interesting conversation…

      Thank you for the chapter…. we are edging closer to know what has put Bette and Tina into such a hostile relationship of the present… I hope that they all come out better people as a result… but I see that both Bette and Tina are probably going to suffer some pain and anguish as a result. I hope not… but the time seems ripe for everyone to face what the situation is. You cannot fix that which you do not know is broken.

      Look forward to the next chapter.

    3. Oh my, we are inching closer to the truth of what happened between them.

      It certainly look likes Bette blames Tina for what happened back then and still is very angry about it.

      So looking forward to their conversation. Or maybe not because my heart will break.

    4. Thanks for posting. We really appreciate your time and hard work in keeping us entertained. Just speculating. Who is Renee? What was her relationship with Tina? She acted as if they had more than a friendship. Am I warm? PPS

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