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    Chapter 18

    Chapter 18

    An evening later in the week, Tina is approaching the entrance of the Planet when she spots Bette’s car pulling in to the car park. They make eye contact and smile and Tina waits as Bette parks and makes her way over to her. As Bette approaches they both move towards each other and Bette moves her hands around Tina’s waist as Tina brings her arms around her neck and they smile into a kiss. They draw back and look at each other.

    (Bette) Hey

    (Tina smiles) Hey

    Bette nods towards the bar.

    (Bette) Is everyone here already?

    (Tina) I think so. Shall we head in?

    (Bette nods) Sure

    They step apart and reach for each other’s hand as they make their way towards the entrance.


    Meanwhile, inside, Alice, Shane and Dana are sitting at a table having a drink.

    (Alice) So you spoke to Bette?

    Shane nods and has a sip of beer.

    (Alice) And she said they spoke about everything? She told Tina all the details?

    (Shane sighs) I didn’t ask for a rundown on their conversation Al, but yeah I think it’s fair to say that Tina is no longer in the dark about all that

    Shane shrugs and Alice and Dana glance at each other and then look back at her.

    (Dana) And we’re still expecting both of them tonight?

    Shane shrugs again.

    (Shane) Apparently

    Alice raises her eyebrows and has a gulp of her drink.

    (Alice) We should brace ourselves then I guess

    Shane looks at her.

    (Alice) You must remember how fucking bad this was the first time around?

    They all glance at each other.

    (Shane) Of course Al, we all remember

    Dana gestures with her head towards the door as Bette and Tina walk through together. They all watch them as they chat happily to each other, still holding hands.

    (Alice) Huh

    They all frown as they take in their interaction.

    (Dana) We’re sure they talked?

    Shane shrugs and nods.

    (Shane) Yeah

    They watch as Tina pulls Bette towards her, wrapping her arms around her waist and talking into her neck. She then steps away and smiles at her as she makes her way towards the bathroom and Bette glances around the room and then makes her way towards their table.

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    1. Damn-it, I had a feeling it would be just as shockingly quick as the first time. Let’s see how Bette tries to navigate this one. Hopefully Tina is not as hateful towards her because Bette will not be able to be the same. Post soon.

    2. I was eating dinner. Then stopped coz i saw an update. Now i can’t finish dinner, im hung up on this one. What will Bette do? What will Tina do?? Sigh. This dramarama is sooo good. Thanks, K! PPS

    3. Well… I think that Bette is going to try to win her back…. may take a little work, but the Tina we have seen for the last few weeks is a part of the Tina who is back. Bette just has to put Tina in a position where she sees it and feels it. The desire to reconcile… Bette just needs to do her part and win her back.

      Wonderful story. Thanks for the update.

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