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    Chapter 18 – Home Again

    Angie: Am I getting a car for next year?

    Bette:  You will have a vehicle. However, it may not be the Ford Fusion that we have sitting in Santa Monica. This being snow country, your mom and I think you should have something a little heavier. Once again, since we will be footing the bill, we will make the decision as to what you get.

    Tina: And try not to worry about what you are going to end up with. I promise you it will not embarrass you.

    Angie:  You did great with the Fusion. So no, I’m not worried.

    Bette:  If we do get you a vehicle for New Haven other than the Fusion, you may want to consider letting Grandma Mary have your Fusion.  We will figure out some kind of car sharing arrangement when you are home. I’ll be on break so I won’t need a car every day. So, you can use mine when Mary needs a car. And you can use yours when she doesn’t.

    Tina: Or you may even share my car. My studio is only 10 minutes away from the house. And once I’m there, I usually don’t need it until time to go home. We will work out something.

    Suzanne:  This breakfast is great. I wonder where they got this water melon. It’s not the time of year for water melon and it really is good.

    Tina:  Yes, it is. There must be some kind of greenhouse producer in the area. And that would make them rather expensive to put on a buffet like this. Oh, and the berries are so good.

    Dot:  Everything is good on this food bar. This is a nice hotel. Thank you for putting us up here.

    Bette: Well, if you and Jim have to be here for several days, I may get you a suite at one of the residential hotels. They have pretty much the same accommodations but they are a little less expensive. They are designed for longer term stays. They may not have a full-service restaurant but they usually have a breakfast buffet and a cocktail hour where you can meet other people. Of course, this town has a lot of nice restaurants to have lunch and dinner in. Anyway, I want you two to be comfortable when you have to come to New Haven, but not so comfortable that you will want to prolong your stay.

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