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    Chapter 3

    That evening, Tina pulls into Bette’s driveway with Bette sitting alongside her in the passenger seat. They share a look as they both move to exit the car, and then walk together to the front door. Bette unlocks the door and gestures for Tina to walk in ahead of her, and Tina’s eyes immediately scan over the framed photos of Angelica on the hallway walls, her shoes by the door and her jackets hanging on the coatstand. Tina cringes and silently admonishes herself as she turns back to Bette, who is closing the door behind them.

    Tina quickly makes a move towards her, moving one hand around her waist and resting the other over Bette’s eyes. Bette jumps at the sudden movement and then stops still and raises her eyebrows, and they stand in position in silence for a moment. Tina gives a small laugh as she continues to cover her eyes.

    (Tina) Sorry

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) It’s OK

    Tina holds her hand in place as she again glances around the room.

    (Bette) I’m going to assume with the way my day is going that this is going to be a bad surprise

    Tina looks back at her and laughs and shakes her head, smiling at her for a moment.

    (Tina) Just come to the couch. I want to talk to you before you look around

    Bette furrows her brow.

    (Bette) Hmmm, you’ve got me worried Tee

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) There’s nothing to worry about. Try to keep your mind from going into overdrive

    Bette gives a small laugh and Tina smiles as she begins to guide Bette with her hand still on her waist.

    (Tina) Keep them closed

    Tina lowers her hand from Bette’s eyes and takes hold of her arm and Bette smiles as she takes a few tentative steps into the house.

    (Bette) You know, this reminds me of when you used to…

    Tina smiles and slaps her lightly on the shoulder with the back of her hand.

    (Tina) Stop it

    Bette continues smiling as Tina leads her to the living room and guides her to sit down on the couch.

    (Bette) Can I open them now?

    Tina glances around at various items of Angelica’s scattered around the room and sighs.

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    1. Hummm…. so the confusion has begun…. Bette has a child whom she does not know, a sister whose relationship has made a 180 degree turn in 15 years and all she can think about is Tina. And she is already scheming to keep Tina around. Let see where this goes….

      Thanks for the chapter. Post when you can.

    2. Hey ! Thanks a lot for sharing this new chapter. I’m really looking forward to next chapter. Well, I still think what Bette is doing here is highly unfair to Tina and her current life and relationship ( I mean, let’s be honest, that looks a lot like a trap she wants her to fall in ), especially since Bette obviously loves her very much, so that still troubles be a little, but I definitely want to see where this is going. Thanks a lot !!

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